Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 22, 2009

some photos

I did take a few snapshots of Miss E. on Friday night.  I was trying to get a shot and order a Christmas Card since my cousin let me know of a sweet free deal.  I frantically hurried to get Ev ready even though she was stinkin’ tired and crabby.  She was in no mood to have a photo session.  But, we managed to get a couple shots that would “maybe” work.  Turns out that I couldn’t get the pictures to download and my time ran out on getting the sweet free deal.  It was ok though, we are now planning an actual photo shoot with an actual person who knows how to take photos.  We might even do a family shot or two.  Who know’s, we might actually get that all coordinated and mail out Christmas cards this year!   I am hoping for outdoor shots in the snow … so we will have to wait and see if everything aligns “just right”. 

But for now, here are some of the most current shots of our little dear.  Some have red eyes, some aren’t as clear as they could be, but she is adorable anyway.  They will help you appreciate the real pictures taken later. 


We both looked like fools for about 10 minutes trying to get her to show us her new “so big” trick.  She finally gave us a half hearted one.  It was better than the look she gave us for that 10 minutes as to say “I am not doing that trick for the camera.”

Falling … and looking at Daddy for a quick rescue.

Have a great day!



  1. Stephanie, I’m not sure which “sweet free deal” you missed, but I pulled the trigger on a nearly-free deal last night: 50 4×8 photo cards from for just the cost of shipping – $3.19. For more info, look here:

    • The one that I had was from that same place, but it was for 100 free cards and no shipping! But the deal expired on the 21st now and not the 30th because of the high demand. No biggie … I can buy the photos when I need them, just thought it would be fun to say they were free. :) Pretty sure I won’t be going through them though since I had so much trouble with their site.

  2. BUMMER!! That was the best deal ever! So sorry it didn’t work for you! And yes, their site wasn’t the most convenient to work through.

  3. Great pics of your sweet girl!!


    P.S. If you want you can use Picassa and Picnik for free. They are photo editing programs!

  4. cute photos! Especially the last one. I think you ARE pretty much a professional. But it might be hard to take your own family photos I guess:)

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