Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 23, 2009

Future Fan of Butter?

My smart smart girl! 

Just another reason for me to believe she is brilliant.  Of course she will chew on just about anything I give her, but she seemed especially happy about this particular box.



  1. Awesome! Our doctor told us we have to fatten Sophia up so we add butter to just about everything….she is a fan, she licks it off her graham crackers!!! :)

  2. Evelyn is just tooo adorable in all these pics!

    • I wish that Evelyn would eat anything! Heck, if she would take a stick of butter I would give it to her. :) We can’t figure out what her deal is but she makes herself gag and then puke with everything we get in there … UNLESS … she decides not to. She is tricky like that. Oh well, someday she might just take me up on the stick of butter option and not just the box.

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