Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 24, 2009

Wreaths 2009

The wreath making extravaganza of 2009 took place this past Saturday.  To be honest it isn’t really called that.  Unfortunately I never gave the event a snazzy name and now that we have gone past year 3 it is too late.  So really, it is just what we call “wreath making”, as boring as that is.  Regardless of the name it is always a good time … even though this years supervisor was a little tough.  She did a good job though of keeping us in line … mostly. 

Farmer Neal gathers our branches from “the forest” that he planted years ago.  I wonder if he had any idea when the trees were planted that his wife would take the branches that need to be trimmed and invite some friends over to make wreaths?  I highly doubt it but he appreciates the day and likes to help us out with the gathering of pine.   I wasn’t able to get a picture this year of him with his big stack of branches but it looked a lot like Farmer Neal with a bunch of pine branches.  Please use your imagination.

4 of us made wreaths and ate some yummy food, did lots of chatting and managed to complete a total of 10 wreaths.  I made 4.  I always have great plans to make more, but 4 was it this year.  3 were gifts and one hangs outside our front door.  It will likely still be hanging there in April like in past years.   

We like to call them wild wreaths with character.  

Cause, well … they aren’t your typical plain old wreath. 

We gather 3-4 kinds of pine and put together what we consider a pretty cool looking wild wreath with character.   They don’t really photgraph as great as they actually look … take my word for it when I say they are very fun.

I don’t think it would seem like Christmas at the farm without them.



  1. That top picture is hilarious! I love those bumble things. Your girl is TOOOO cute for words! I am having a cute kid contest this week… be sure to enter her!


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