Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 25, 2009

The littlest chef …

Simply adorable. 

That’s all I can say.

Well, except that I really should say that I made this chef hat yesterday for Miss E.  I found the tutorial here and thought “hmmm … Christmas gifts?” and then figured I should try one to see how it went. 

there is even some room for her head to grow with stretchy binders and buttons

Overall it is fairly simple.  I will say that I learned quite a bit during the trial run.  Here is what I learned:

  • “Gathering” the fabric is not my favorite part.  I haven’t ever attempted it previously and now I know why … time-consuming and I broke the thread twice.
  • I would use a thinner binding … you know, if I actually had a color that matched.
  • I would have used interfacing … you know, if I actually had some.  I used adhesive interfacing which I guess technically worked and as a result, I didn’t need to sew the pieces together … just ironed them together.
  • I need to come up with a better way to attach the binders … I had to do some “hand sewing”.  Gasp!

It isn’t perfect, but our littlest chef doesn’t seem to mind.



  1. Very nice chef hat! I think it’s adorable.

    If you want the gathering to go better, use the basting stitch on your machine and make a double row of stitching close together, but not so close they intercept at any point. It gathers much more easily and if one string breaks you still have another one. I didn’t learn this trick until I had struggled/cursed my way through many a project when I made little dresses, ruffles, and doll clothes when you girls were small. Sewing was a necessity, a joy, and also a frustration as I figured things out.

  2. Stephanie,

    That is so adorable! I have regular chef hats and mine never fit my head. I guess they are made for people with huge heads. You should try Velcro too for fitting different size heads or for growing little ones. =)

  3. I was going to mention the same thing your mother did, Steph, and I’ve even done 3 lines of stitches at times. I’ve sewn lots of ruffles in my time! I just made a flannel nightgown for a granddaughter that has a ruffle at the bottom. I’m happy to be back at the sewing machine, it’s been awhile! Takes some re-learning.
    I’ve always wondered if chef hats serve a purpose or are simply come with the training…like a badge of sorts? Are there different levels of chef hats? Different heights? Oh the things I wonder about. :)

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