Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 3, 2009

Who’s got the cutest kid?

We had Miss Evelyn’s Christmas photo’s taken tonight.  They turned out very cute, but I can’t show you them … you know, cause they are for Christmas!  But I assure you that they are adorable.  I will share after I get cards made and sent to family and such. 

In addition to the Christmas ones I wanted to get some shots taken with a onsie and tutu that we received as a baby gift … you know when she was 4 pounds!  I used to work for a company that sold dance items and even though it has been years since I was there they were still kind enough to send us a baby gift.  As a thank  you I thought that I would send a picture of Miss E. in the outfit.  Now I need to decide which one. 

I love them all … and there are so many more cute ones.   I also love that I have a friend who takes these amazing pictures for me.  She might be mad at me since I am posting the raw photos without her taking the wrinkles out of the backdrop but I wanted to share them … and I am totally procrastinating on the 100 plus cookies I need to decorate tonight.  Yikes! 

The other day I was reading Amanda’s blog … you might remember that she was my inspiration for tackling my cookie making adventures.  Well she was going to host a little cutest kid contest so in the early morning of hours I thought it was a good idea to send her a picture of Ev.  My understanding is that the day to vote for her would be Friday.   Not a huge deal … but if you wanted to pop over there and vote for this cutie you are welcome to.  The picture I sent is a simple snapshot with no fancy editing.  She is adorable regardless of the photographer but really, these pink ones just make me smile. 

Have a great day everyone.  I really should start on those cookies.  I am too old for an all-nighter but I fear it is in my future.



  1. She is TOO cute!! I love the onsie/tutu combo, very funny!! She has an adorable smile and I love the biting of the upper lip! Soph does the opposite, but I think that is because she is getting some more teeth:) Evelyn is such a lovely!!!!

  2. Wow, Evelyn is getting so big and she is so cute.

  3. i soooo wanna steel your friend and her photography skills…confession here…I’m a little obsessed with kid photography…sooooo fun! I love that Miss. Evelyn is always showing personality!

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