Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 10, 2009

Here I am.

Here I am … still alive.  Were you worried?  Did you think that I was kidnapped at the cookie exchange and forced to make more cookies until I could come home?  Nope … I am here.  Just really really busy.  I sit here and I honestly wonder how in the world it is Thursday evening.  Thursday.  There have  been lots of days between Saturday when I last wrote a post until tonight … Thursday.  And why is it that the days are running so close together that there are so many times when I have to say “what day is it?”.  Good grief. 

But, all is well … just busy.  Luckily I prefer to be busy.  Have I mentioned that I have been busy?  Ha.  Seems like I wrote that word way too many times. 

What can I tell you that might be interesting?  Before I begin, I should place a little warning out there that I am beyond tired.  This body of mine should be tucked in bed and not sitting in front of a computer screen writing for you … whoever you may be.  But, I am obviously not tucked in bed so I am free to write whatever I feel like right?  Right. 

So I think that I will go with a “random list” … I have heard that people sort of like it when I do those.  We’ll have to see how it goes. 

  • The cookie exchange was good.  I have consumed most of the wonderful 8 dozen that I brought home. 
  • Farmer Neal has been helping though … he is always a great sport about consuming food or sweets, or just about anything edible. 
  • I do still plan to write about the truth behind my cookie exchange making venture … it was an eventful adventure and should really be shared. 
  • Little secret … those shiny cookies were far from shiny in real life … when all the dust settled, or should I say … when the shiny frosting dried to dull in the dark of night. 
  • I almost cried during parts of the cookie making. 
  • This weekend we are making candy … I do not intend on crying.
  • Farmer Neal’s truck has been out of commission for about 3 weeks. 
  • You may wonder how Farmer Neal gets to work without a truck … well, his best farm girls bring him.
  • Farmer Neal leaves for work at about 5:15am.
  • Farmer Neal’s best farm girls and TIRED!
  • Farmer Neal plans to fix the truck this weekend.
  • If the truck gets fixed, Farmer Neal might just get some of that candy being made.
  • Turns out that Miss Evelyn has adjusted to 5am really well … this Mama fears for the day when she no longer needs to be adjusted to getting up at 5am. 
  • It is Christmas in like 2 weeks.  That simple fact terrifies me.
  • Not one Christmas gift has been purchased or made as of this day, Thursday evening Dec. 10th.
  • We have a very long list of people we would like to give a gift to.
  • No Christmas cards have been created, nor purchased.
  • I did however create a list of people who we would like to send a card to.  That number came in at 85.
  • I had planned to make cards … pretty sure that 85 cards would kill me.  Or at least do permanent damage.
  • I may just look for cards at the dollar store.   That makes me sad … so not my plan, but seriously … 85! 
  • Farmer Neal just brought in some wood for the wood stove. 
  • Did you hear that Minnesota is cold in December?  Yeah, it is.  That should not shock anyone.  It’s one of the reasons that we love this crazy state. 
  • You should know that another cupcake adventure is planned for Tuesday.  I have a good feeling about these ones.  I think we have come up with a plan even I can’t mess up.  They might not be fancy, or whimsical, or grand on any scale … but they will be cupcakes and they will be done. 
  • I am still pregnant.  Have you noticed that I rarely write about that?  I think that is because I still sorta forget. 
  • If you saw me you would say “how can you forget that?!”.  I am a little bit “pregnant looking” this time around.  Much more so then last time. 
  • 24 weeks along now and this one is a mover and a shaker, just like Miss E. 
  • We are really hoping that this baby goes to term and doesn’t surprise us at 32 weeks like that baby girl sleeping in the livingroom behind me.  She sure is cute though.
  • I believe that there should be a “only one preemie per family” rule.  I wouldn’t break that rule if it were in place. 
  • We will take whatever God gives us, but a non-preemie would be much appreciated.
  • There is a baby shower for my great friend Martha tomorrow.  I can’t wait. 
  • I love baby showers … and wedding showers too.  Heck, just last night I was thankful for a shower shower.  You know the kind with water and soap?  Yep, those are good too.
  • I think that I should be done here.  I just told you that I was thankful for showers with water.  That is odd.
  • I did mention that I was tired right? … beyond tired … whatever that is called. 
  • But just know that we are alive and well … just plain old busy … and tired. 


  1. Candy making on Saturday, ha? Christie and I will be making all sorts of goodies on Saturday too, including candies! What’s on your list? Maybe you’ve got something new I haven’t tried yet! :)
    Can’t wait for the goodie making and doing it my big sis!
    happy candy making on Saturday!

  2. I just love these random posts!! They are like a conversation with you when you’re driving (which scares me a little:) or a letter written on the run which is just honest, funny, and entertaining. I don’t even need photos to picture the depleting cookies, the baby belly, or Evelyn sleeping peacefully. I’m looking forward to coming tomorrow to make candies which I will wrap securely in hopes most of it will last until Christmas!

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