Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 22, 2009

Christmas … in process.

It’s a busy time around the farm-house this time of year.  We are knee-deep in Christmas prep.  I love Christmas and the process of giving … and receiving too of course.  :)  This past week while the old blog here was silent, we were accomplishing many tasks.  Well, I suppose that “accomplishing” would imply “finishing” but truthfully, … we have yet to finish everything.  Technicalities.  But definite progress has been made.

  • All of the kids gifts (those nieces and nephews that we will see anyway) have been purchased!  Yet to be wrapped however.
  • Christmas candy (some to be shipped and some to be gifted locally) is done.  Not all is packaged yet however.
  • Adult homemade gifts are started!  This is huge.  We undertook a big little project … depends on who you ask.  In my opinion it is little compared to what I have tackled before but there are those that think it is big.  I go with little.  I will share the final product when they are done.  I am very excited about them. There are lots of steps left with this one to be considered complete however.
  • Christmas cards are done!  Just need to get the stamps and mail them out however.

All in all we have been busy, but life is good.  We still have lots of “non Christmas” to accomplish around these parts as is always the case but no complaints here.  Here’s to a week of finishing all those Christmas preparations!



  1. That outfit, and of course miss evelyn, is adorable! she is too cute!

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