Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 31, 2009

Our car sleeper.

This was Miss E. this afternoon when we arrived home after about an hour drive. 

She was just too adorable not to snap a photo of.   The picture was taken outside the car so it isn’t super clear but it was the best angle of her head resting on her little arm and fist.


We really like this girl.  She has been such a joy this past year and as 2009 comes to an end and we will soon be singing “happy birthday” to her in the early part of 2010, I just wanted everyone to know how much we love and adore this little gift from above.

That is all.  :)  Oh, and I should add … Happy New Year!!!



  1. She’s precious and soon you’ll have another precious little one. Happy New Year!

  2. I like that her dolly is tucked inside nice and warm.

  3. Is that her little blankie?!!! She really does still like it!!! I thought you were just saying that to be nice. ;-)

    I’ve got the next one ready to be mailed. Since your on bedrest I think I’ll send it out next week. Who knows when that new baby will decide to grace us with his/her presence.

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