Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 3, 2010

On resolutions …

I haven’t ever been a huge fan of new years resolutions.  I think that maybe back in the day when I was young and dumb I may have thought that they were a great idea but now that I am older and a little wiser I don’t even attempt at the “most likely to fail new years resolutions”. 

This year though I did think it would be a nice idea to at least write down some “goals”.  I have been hearing this a lot, about people skipping the resolutions and going towards the idea of goals.  I honestly wonder what the difference is. 

But for me, my goals are small ones.  You know like to organize the closet that holds the hundred plastic grocery bags, the bags that are stuffed in random areas rather than in one bag nice and tidy.  Or like a goal to clean off the desk by simply filing the “to file” pile. 

Simple goals … that is my goal for this year.  Small tasks that get overlooked but that will only take a few minutes if I just made the decision to do them.  There are no deadlines for these goals but I am writing them down when I think of them so that hopefully at some point they are completed.  They are not going to make or break anything if they don’t get done but life would be a bit more organized and dare I say a bit better if they were done. 

I just added “pluck eyebrows” to my goals list.  Hmmmm … I am not sure how sad that is, but it’s on the list.   Like I said, simple goals.



  1. Great idea for a new year’s resolution; how often is the cliched “lose ten pounds” a reality?
    I always feel a lot more organized, or at least like my life is manageable, when I have all my to do lists written down. Unfortunately, I tend to lose such lists quite easily.
    I feel like the important part with this resolution, as with any, is to keep it up. How long can we feel organized if the list doesn’t ever shrink?

    And as for the eyebrows, better put that one down on my list too. It might be sad but hey, at least it’s one of the easier things to get done!

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