Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 13, 2010

The Great Organization Challenge of 2010

Ready … set … go!  Here is my plan … to organize a bunch of “spaces” this month.  I know, I say that all the time but really, this time … I am ready!  And honestly, so far so good this week.  See, now that I am officially not working (since Monday) it seems that I have lots more time.  Go figure.  It also has helped (somewhat) that Farmer Neal isn’t working right now so he can help with a few things here and there that this large pregnant body just shouldn’t do.  I will share with you some of the projects in pictures.  I am sure that you are very excited.  Some projects are large, but most are small.  I am tackling most of the small ones first since that just makes good sense. 

Project #1 … we took down Christmas (as small as it was) and organized the upstairs storage room and entry way.  It was a big project but took less than an hour. 

Project # 2 … De-cluttering the Refrigerator.  It was bad.  I eliminated all the old pictures and replaced with the most current ones that I have.  I also had to make a tough decision … “who exactly get’s to stay on the fridge”.  Immediate family only won.  Well, with the exception of my friend Martha … she is just too great not to keep a picture of.  When we receive new pictures throughout the year they will make the fridge until the next great de-cluttering day.  I also wanted to limit photos to the top section and leave the bottom section with “kid friendly” magnets. 



Nice right?  Yeah, it took like half an hour.

Project #3 … Limit the amount of utensils in the utensil drawers.  Another “not pretty sight” were my TWO utensil drawers.  Who the heck needs “two” … and these are big drawers.  I also have a little caddy that holds all my “use all the time” utensils.   Needless to say I am somewhat of a utensil junkie.  I love them.  I don’t use them, don’t need them, but I love them.  Most of these I purchased but a few “came with the place”, and they were kept since we had the room.



the keep, maybe?, and your outa here piles



In the end, I still have two drawers since there is not an immediate need for another drawer, and honestly … there is still more than I need.  Old habits are hard to break and I try to think ahead … for example … “do I need 4 types of rolling pins?”.  The answer would be obviously “no” since I have one set of hands.  However, what happens when Evelyn’s two little hands, and the new babies two little hands  join the kitchen prep in a few years.  So yes, there is still more than I need, but not more than I “may need”.  See how that works?  I am great at justification.   But don’t they look nice?  Farmer Neal has yet to go through the “must go” box and plead a case for keeping them, but I only suspect a couple will be saved from the exiting of this great farm kitchen.

So there you go.  I have a couple more projects in the works today and will share as the time presents itself.  Here’s to hoping that I don’t get put on bed rest in the near future and my great organization challenge of 2010 goes down the drain.  Speaking of drains, I really need to clean under that sink!



  1. Ooooo, it all looks so pretty! I love-love-love to purge…er, organize! Keep the motivation and pictures going! There can’t be much time left before baby comes, is there?

  2. I’ve been thinking about doing some cleaning out of closets and drawers myself. Maybe if I do that I can put off the basement cleaning/dejunking a little while longer. (I think I just made up a new word:)

    Good work! Amazing how babies coming leads a mom-to-be to clean out. Probably so there’s room to bring the baby home.

  3. Not that you’re going to put the baby in the kitchen drawer…

  4. i am so excited that we made the refrigerator!!! now we just need to catch up one of these days!! maybe i need to take a road trip….

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