Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 2, 2010

Breaking the rules for a quick update.

Hello!  I know it has been awhile here and the last two posts are far from exciting but that is my life, far from exciting … bedrest will do that to a girl.  But I decided to break the rules for a couple minutes and update, even though the update is quite literally the same.  I figure that even if the info is the same, those that check back for one will be pleased with a different post title and few new words. 

So, still on complete bedrest here.  Complete means that I can get out of bed (or out of a reclined position on the recliner or on the couch) to use the bathroom.  I can also shower once a day … which honestly doesn’t happen.  Why would I need to shower everyday when all I do is lay.  Anyway, I can also sit to eat.  Overall I have been the most excellent patient … even surprising myself, but now that it has been 20 days I am being a little “less than excellent”, but still very good.  

My next appointment is Thursday.  We will do another cervical length ultra-sound and another fetal fibronectin test (click the link for info) and as long as both of those are good … meaning the length is long which is good and the fetal fibronectin test is negative, which is good then there is a great chance that bedrest will be lifted slightly until we hit 34 weeks.   34 weeks (which we will hit on Saturday the 13th) is our short-term goal.  At 34 weeks we should be able to deliver in our nearby hospital with our amazing doctor.  Ideally we want to deliver after 38 weeks but we will take what we get.

So that is the bedrest update.  I am hoping to get some pictures of little Miss Evelyn yet this week and post because well, she is just so adorable. 

Have a great day!



  1. so glad to hear you are ok and still just on bed rest. rest as much as possicle since this won’t last much longer. 2 babies does not make for much rest.

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