Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 7, 2010

Still here …

Hi all.  Still here, awaiting the next week to pass before we hit the big 3-4 week!  Hard to believe that I have been pregnant this long.  Nothing new to report but I thought that I would just share a little story that I heard Farmer Neal telling Miss Evelyn today.  Obviously it was a one-sided conversation but she appeared to be listening intently. 

I happened to walk or waddle by … both descriptions work right now … and he said “wow Evelyner’s, Mommy is looking pretty pregnant, she is almost as big as a house.  What do you suppose that we will do when she outgrows the house?  Hmmm … maybe we could put her in the shed outside, cause that would fit her pretty well.  But maybe a better idea would be the double garage cause it has a wood stove that would keep her warm.  Plus, it has a 10 foot door so there wouldn’t be any trouble getting her in there.  Yep, I guess that is what we will have to do once she outgrows the house in the next 9 weeks.” 

He seriously makes me laugh.  I have however asked him to quit saying 9 weeks cause that seems like a very long time … even though I know lots of women go to 42 weeks I am banking on less than that.   I should also note that he is a big fan of the big pregnant look … I don’t know if that is odd or not since it is all I know, but I appreciate it very much. 

Farmer Neal … still the sweetest man I know.

Have a great day.



  1. Since I know 2 young women pregnant and due the same time as you are, I can tell you that you’re not THAT big yet!:) Both of them look ready to deliver to me.

    Very cute story. It’s nice to find a blog entry which I’m sure you wrote while laying flat on your back. :)

    When I was pregnant with Daniel in the ‘olden days’ we lived in an 8 X 40 foot trailer home for the first 6 months. The doorways to the bathroom and bedroom were really narrow and I literally had to squeeze through. Fortunately we moved to a 4 bedroom house in Fegas Falls for the last 3 months where I had PLENTY of room!

  2. Glad the baby is still warm & cozy. Hang in there-I am praying for you.

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