Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 9, 2010

This Girl …

This Girl is on the move.  With her new higher levels of iron she is ready to go.   She only lasted on the rocking chair for about 15 seconds before she was on her way down. 

Some of you know that our living space is quite small … this makes me a little worried about what happens when she does actually officially crawl … by the way, she is very close.  So I asked Farmer Neal what we were going to do about that.  He said “well, we will have to put up a barricade between the livingroom and the room that houses the wood stove.”  I said “but how?”.  He said “hay bales”. 

He really does make me laugh.  Miss E. thought it was funny too … but I think that she thought the idea of barricading her was more of the joke. 

Sigh.  Good thing she is such a cutie.


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