Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 11, 2010

Organizing Dilemma

**Back before the bedrest, when I was feeling the need to organize I wrote this.  I had fully intended to post it that day but well, then I was ordered to stay down so I did just that.  I am still “mostly” down, but it has been a month which means we are in a much better place and a little time sitting is less “naughty”.   I think I still have a few pictures from the last spaces that I had a chance to organize … we’ll have to see if I can uncover them.**

It was bound to happen … and it did.  Anytime you have to sort and eliminate “stuff” there is going to be something that you just don’t know what to do about.  Case in point …

Ice cream scoops.   Sounds silly, but it is true.  This was quite a dilemma.  See, the cow scoop was a gift.  A gift from my Dad.  I can’t even tell you when I got it … my best guess it between 10 and 15 years ago.  Seriously.  That is a long time.  This cow had traveled with me from house to house, and ended up here at the farm where it would likely spend the rest of its days.  Until I had this great idea to organize and eliminate those darn utensils.  I did not need 2 ice cream scoops … one had to go.  But which one?

The thing about gifts from my Dad is that they always made me a little nervous.  A birthday or Christmas would come around and Mom would say “oh and Dad picked out one of your gifts”.  Why this would make me nervous I don’t know, but worry would set in.  Silly looking back because they have always been nice gifts.  But back in the day I would think “oh my goodness, what could it be? … is it going to be something I like?”.  I could never figure out what they were.  That was probably most of the problem … I always liked to figure out what the gift was before I opened it.  I know that it takes the joy out of receiving but that is what I did.  Now I don’t want to know and if Mom called and said “Dad picked out one of your gifts” I would be excited to find out what it was. 

So anyway, I don’t like to give up these gifts, even simple ones like a goofy cow ice cream scoop. 

I forgot to mention the “fun” part of this particular cow … she moos.  Yep, push that little red button and a moo happens.   Super fun.  This little cow hasn’t mooed in years though, because we eat little ice cream and well, it’s a plastic cow ice cream scoop that needs to be cleaned with extra care.  Mostly, a regular old spoon is used. 

So when I saw her in the drawer …

I didn’t know what to do.

I took a day to decide.  I cleaned her up, put new batteries in to see if she would moo and she did.  Took a few tries but the old girl still has it.  Then I weighed the pros and cons of my two ice cream scoops. 

Though the cow had all sorts of sentimental value, she was bigger, much more worn and takes up more space.  She also takes more time to clean.   However, kids will just love her when they get older. 

The free ice cream soup from the bank was small and compact and heck, it even said right on the handle that they care about me.  My cow didn’t say that.  But, I knew that she didn’t have to. 

See, Dad didn’t have to include that because just by purchasing this little quirky gift I knew that he cared and that is why I have had to keep her all these years.  So … I had little choice but to keep her.  Yep, she will be on the farm for all her future days tucked in the drawer like she has been for over a decade.   She is here to stay.

Hard to resist a face like that … don’t you agree?



  1. Glad to see you are passing the weeks with a baby still in the womb- where it belongs for now. You’re a trooper who can lie down for so long. Been there, done that, no fun and very hard to do! But, won’t it be wonderful to bring your baby with you when you leave the hospital this time?

    Keep resting with your feet up often! I know it’s a ways off yet, but looking forward to hearing of your baby’s arrival and pictures too!

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