Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 13, 2010

One last organizing post.

This is the last of the spaces I was able to organize prior to the bed rest sentence from a month ago.  I still have a list and as soon as I am given the green light to be up more than down, I fully intend to keep going.  The more I can get done before this new baby comes the better. 

So even though it has been a month I did accomplish three more spaces.  The first was under the kitchen sink.  I didn’t even take pictures.  Nobody needed to see that mess.  How it is that a space out of sight and not even technically used gets so nasty I will never know.  Of course our “under the kitchen sink mess” is worse than the average family because our compost and scraps for the chickens bucket live under there.  It was bad … but it is all better.  :)  Since I haven’t been head cook for over 4 weeks I seldom use the buckets under the sink but when I have done so occasionally I am always happy to see a much cleaner area.

I also cleaned the top of the refrigerator.  It was dusty and cluttered and not clean so I tackled that.  Because it isn’t very exciting I will refrain from the photo’s. 

My last little/big project was to clean out this cabinet. 

It is one of those cabinets that serves little purpose but it’s there and so we fill it full of stuff.  Maybe if I have a couple more shelves it would be better?  We store cutting boards, pitchers, and etc.  I took three big bags of plastic grocery bags out of there … I hate those bags.  We mostly use reusable shopping bags and we seldom actually shop, so it always surprises me at how fast they pile up. 

Much better no?  I gotta say that I can’t wait to get back on my feet and clean some more!  I have been doing little bits here and there but nothing even close to these little projects.  Soon though … soon!


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