Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 16, 2010

Farmhouse Project

We had a little farmhouse project going on this past weekend. 

The livingroom carpet came up!  Whoo hoo! 

It was somewhat of a spur of the moment project since it just sortof happened.  I mentioned to Farmer Neal that it was “sudden” and he said … “ummm … sudden?, haven’t we been talking about it for like 2 years?”.  I said “well, actually it is well over 3 years since I am pretty sure we talked about it before we even got married, but yeah it is sudden … it’s getting done!”.   We have always had the plan to get the old carpet out of the house and it is slowly becoming less and less.  Farmer Neal has lots of allergies and old carpet just isn’t a good thing. 

So the carpet was taken out as well as the padding. 

It was dirty.  I only had to watch … and was thankful for the bedrest recliner rest for that moment. 

The plan was to take up the linoleum as well.  However, with every good farmhouse project there was a glitch.  See, back in day they used to put a paper down between the hardwood and the linoleum.  Mostly people would use a red rosin paper but this household used a black tar paper which means that the decades upon decades of traffic on this wood floor has made the floor black … and full of tar.   That means the project is bigger and involves sanding and etc. to make use of the hardwood, which is too big of a project for the moment with a baby arriving in the next few or six weeks. 

The solution was to bring down a rug that was in one of the bedrooms upstairs and the solution is technically temporary.  Farmer Neal said while putting furniture back in the space, “so how temporary do you think this particular temporary fix project will be?”.  I laughed and said “Oh I suspect that someone will be in Elementary School before we think about finishing it”. 

But it is ok.  The rug that is far from perfect covers most of the floor and well, it’s better than the old, dusty and who know’s what else carpet that was here. 

Plus, Miss E. doesn’t seem to mind the change.


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