Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 8, 2010

Chore Girl

There’s a new chore girl around these parts.  Spring has started to sprung (sortof) and little Miss E. can brave the weather with Daddy Farmer Neal to start pulling her weight around here.  Farmer Neal has been waiting for months to take her out and even though he could have been to the chicken coop and back a dozen times in the time it took to get her ready, he didn’t mind a bit. 

Gotta be the cutest thing I have seen in a while … even if they both came back smelling like the chicken coop.



  1. Thanks for the pictures! You are good parents…

  2. Loved the photos. She looks so happy on her dad’s back doing chores.

    You’ll have to get her a miniature broom and mop so she can start working in the house, too. I used to give you damp rags so you could dust when you were little. Since the sun is beaming in her this morning I can see I could use some little dusters again!

  3. I love the waving picture. They both look thrilled!

  4. i say it all the time. there is just something about a man interacting with his kids that makes the world a better place. don’t you agree?

  5. how wonderful to see that little girl with her Dad, great pics and they both look so happy. glad you can be up a little again. please take care of yourself.

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