Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 22, 2010

Mathias loses a T.

Our little mister Matthias is now named Mathias. 

When we picked his name we were aware of the two spellings and decided on two T’s because that was the American english biblical spelling.  It was also decided on two T’s because we thought it was more common and would be less likely to be mispronounced and misspelled.   Turns out that both spellings are equally common and we found (in our short experience) that two T’s was more likely to be mispronounced.  We also knew that Mathias with one T was the German spelling, and even though Loren’s family has lots of German history, we still chose the two T’s for the above reasons.  What we didn’t realize was that the name Mathias was the name of two great uncles and his great-grandfather and uncles middle name.  So, after much discussion and thought, we have decided to honor the history of the name and officially and legally change the spelling from two T’s to just one.  

When we told Mathias of his new spelling he agreed it would be just fine. 

Have a great day.



  1. Your kids are beautiful!!! Enjoy the time the four of you have together…..not many people are blessed with that time….The pictures are great!! Fun to see when we live so far away….great fence you built to keep Evelyn from the wood burner! I am so glad that Mathias is such a good baby…it helps a lot when you have two children instead of one. Enjoy your wonderful gifts from God!!

  2. You can bet when he gets to play major league baseball for the Twins, he will be called “Maddy” like Pedro Munoz was called “Peedie and Paul Molitor was called “Molly” or Jason Kubel is “Kubey” If he’ll play for the Vikings, who knows what they might call him, maybe “Musky” for muscular, or Adrian Peteson II. If he should make Pope, he can choose his own name. It’d be nice to have a “Pope Mathias.”

  3. My oldest son is Paul because there’s one in every generation on my husband’s side (also a VERY German family). My youngest’s middle name is Lukas – and we debated the spelling on it for awhile, but decided to spell it with a ‘k’ because it’s the German spelling. I’m sure he’ll hate that he has to spell his name out for everyone, but heck – I have to do that and my name is Ashley!

    • Oh my goodness … to add to the craziness that is the similarities in our lives … Evelyn would have been Paul, had she been a boy. :)

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