Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 30, 2010

New Shoes! … the dirty pj’s are just a bonus.

I found Evelyn some “new to her” shoes.  I am not above a good second-hand store find … especially for something that will be grown out of quickly.  This is the first pair of real shoes she has had since Farmer Neal thinks that kids shouldn’t have shoes until they are 6.  He read that and expressed his thoughts that he really isn’t that bad,  but I recall him saying that age at least once.  He just doesn’t want their feet squished.  So we have just used slippers for her little feet until now.  But she needed shoes for her Easter dress and I found these adorable ones for a mere $3 and they are in great shape.  Unfortunately they really don’t match her pink and purple Easter dress … oh well, they match close enough for a few hours I think … they were just too cute not to get.

She was oh so excited when I showed them to her.  These pictures show her a little teary eyed because I took her out of her crib as she was getting ready to nap to show her … she was beyond tired.  Bad Mom I know. 

Farmer Neal said “I can’t believe that you are posting those pictures in those pajamas”.  Just keepin’ it real is all … the girl is actually quite difficult to keep clean these days.  I never thought that I would have a dirty little one but man, she is hard to keep up with.  So she is in all her glory … still cute, but not real clean. 

There are worse things then dirty well lived in pj’s … plus, those cute cheap and in great shape shoes make it all ok.



  1. The shoes look like new and are a nice shade of burgandy, or at least they look that way on the photos. They don’t clash TOO bad with her dirty pajamas. Have you noticed that many of the things we think about raising children (like having them clean all the time!) BEFORE we have children seems to be proven wrong?

    If you make sure shoes are big enough, they won’t squish her little feet too bad. :)

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