Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 10, 2010


Hooray for Spring!

Today has been beautiful.  Well, it has been nice most of the week but we haven’t ventured out.  But today I must have been feeling brave, or completely cooped up and we did … the three of us.  

With Mister M. safely wrapped up so my hands were free, Evelyn and I headed out.

We were on a mission … a mission to find Daddy Farmer Neal.   See, he has been working outside all day and the littlest farm girl was missing him.   That and she was feeling a little cooped up as well.

After a short time we found him …

Working in the tank.  We are getting closer to officially having the new sewer system up and running … just a few more “tweaks” I guess and it’s ready. 

Once we found Daddy Farmer Neal there was great happiness.  This was the exchange.  


They are just plain old cute.  You may notice that Miss E. has pajamas on … yep, and it was about 3pm.  See, I figure if she needs a bath this evening before heading to church she can be in pj’s for the day. 

After our short visit at the sewer system we went to see the cows. 

Bessie was in no mood for a photo shoot but Benedict was happy to see us.   You could argue that he sure doesn’t “look” happy to see us, but trust me … deep down he really was.

Our next stop was to see how my tulip flower bed was looking. 

It wasn’t  pretty ….

But oddly enough there is life in that overgrown so-called flower bed.

Maybe someday I can get out there and clean it up.

But when you have a her …

and a him …

time is short and it is much more fun to play with and care for the little farm kids than to have my hands in the dirt … even if it is spring.



  1. I LOVE that first picture!! Praise Jesus! Good luck on that sewer! :)


  2. I love the first picture too…I think it’s the way we all feel after winter is over. Mathias looks so snug in his spot close to mom, and Evelyn is just thrilled to be out and about.

    I think Benedict has such a beautiful face. Last Sunday when we were there he came right up to the fence to visit and Bessie was in the same mood as this week. Ignored us completely:)

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