Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 14, 2010

Just-a-swingin’ …

This past Sunday we celebrated a second Easter with Farmer Neal’s family.  They graciously put a baby swing up for Miss Evelyn to swing in.  Because she hasn’t been too crazy about the outside world this spring it was unclear as to what her affection would be for swinging.  I said “she will either love it or hate it.”  

After they had been out for a while I decided to check on them and see about taking a few pictures.  I was hoping for a smiling girl, but I will admit that a non-smiling girl would have been photographed as well … those pictures are fun when they are older. I am a good mom like that … always thinkin’ ahead.

So it turns out …

that she loved it.

Loved. It.

Loved it a whole lot!

Bring on summer!


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