Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 15, 2010

Afghan Mini Love

We received a package yesterday.  Just as a reminder … I LOVE packages.  I have been waiting for this one anxiously because it was to contain an afghan mini and well, I love those just as much as a package. 

Miss Evelyn received her most favorite blanket known as an afghan mini last year about this time.  I remember when I received it I thought it was the cutest little blanket.  There was just something very special about it though I couldn’t figure out why it seemed to mean so much.  It was the perfect size, not too big and not too small and so I made the decision for Evelyn to have that particular blanket be her security blanket.  I pretty much always had it with her when she was in her crib or in her car seat.  It was inevitable that it would become her favorite and it now is.


Over time it has grown a bit with all her love.  She wasn’t really cooperating with me when I said “show me your blanket!” over and over … remember she is just one … so this is the best shot I have which shows more of her then the actual blanket.  Trust me when I say she loves it. 

So when we were expecting Mathias I put in a request for another afghan mini from my friend Theresa when she was thinking about maybe starting to sell some of her wonderful work.   She can be found here  incase you wanna meet her.  She is fantastic.  But in addition to that fact, she also can knit which makes her even more fantastic since well, … I can’t knit.  Though I have tried.  I even have needles and yarn sitting here taunting me as proof.  

When the package came I was so excited.  I fully intended on purchasing an afghan mini for Mathias but the package did not come with a bill so I am assuming it is another gift.  And not only was there a beautiful green afghan mini (the one that I secretly wanted after seeing it on her blog long before he arrived!) there was a knitted bunny toy and an adorable sleeper.  I did tell you that she was fantastic right?


After I felt all warm and fuzzy from the gift I realized it was the same feeling I had the year before after opening Evelyn’s box and thought “huh? what is it about a simple knitted blanket that does this to me?”.   There is just something about these little afghan mini’s … in addition to the super cute name, that conveys something special.  All day I thought about the fact that I just love them.  It isn’t normal for me to think that an item is so great.   After thinking and thinking and carrying it around with me … seriously I did, I love them that much, I told you it wasn’t normal.  Anyway, I finally figured it out. 


These little knitted wonders do not only hold the obvious hours of work … they hold love.  That was it … love … and once I figured it out it just made so much sense.  That is why they mean so much … you can feel the love and joy and peace that must have went into them … you just can’t hide it. 

Afghan Mini Love … such a beautiful gift … thank you Theresa, know that your spirit has been captured in your work and we are grateful.



  1. That’s a beautiful little mini-afghan. So boyish, too. I also enjoyed visiting Theresa’s blog this morning and catching up!

    Mathias looks so alert now. Such a big-eyed boy. Reminds me of his sister:)

  2. WOW! Miss E has a double chin! Thats a long way for her to have come. Nice job Steph and Loren.

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