Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 19, 2010

Cookies for Katie … and a lesson learned.

I made some cookies this weekend. 

Cookies as part of a wedding shower gift for my cousin Katie.  They were going to be given on this fun plate.

They actually turned out pretty well … not bad for my first attempt at giant diamond rings. 

I will admit that they were somewhat time intensive.  Once again I had to make my own pattern and cut them out with a knife but that wasn’t the most time intensive part.  See, when I went to the craft store to find clear sugar to make the diamonds “sparkle” … the little store didn’t carry clear … they had yellow, purple, pink, blue, green, and orange … but no clear.  They did however have one big old container of clear and pink mixed.   I picked it up and figured that if I was just crazy enough later I might separate the two colors. 

That crazy enough came at about 11pm on Saturday evening.   About an hour later I had enough to make those big fancy rings sparkle. 

The next morning which came mighty early brought with it a packaging decision to make.  I could either put them on the plate which would make the saying unreadable or I could package them separately.  Though I knew it would look better to present them on the plate, it seemed more practical to package them separately and place them with the plate and other gifts in the bag. 

This may have been a good idea had I not “packaged” the pretty, shall I add “fragile” cookies in a simple ziplock bag. 

So instead of a pretty presentation like this …

they were all broken in the bag when the bride to be pulled them out.  I asked, while wishing I had my camera and kicking myself for not putting them on the plate, “Huh … are they all broken?” and she replied looking intently on all the broken pieces “I think so … oh wait!, there is one that … oh wait, the diamond is broken off that one.  Yep, they are all broken”.   She was so gracious that she added with a smile, “well, they will still taste good!”. 

Kindof a bummer, but a lesson learned is never really a bad thing … at least that is what I continue to tell myself.



  1. that is sad. I can feel for you. All that work.Transporting is always a problem.
    They look lovely in the photo.

  2. OH NO!!!!! I am so sorry!!! Isnt transporting and packaging these things a pain?!?!??

    They ARE really beautiful though… and your time and dedication to them is awesome. You are a rock star baker girl!!


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