Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 28, 2010

Who needs diamonds …

I love tulips.  I have probably mentioned before how they are my favorite flower.  A couple of years ago bulbs were planted here at the farm because I love them oh so much.  We don’t have a ton yet, and the tulip flower bed has more weeds that prevent more coming up but there are some!  So a couple of days back there were about a dozen that had opened.  Needless to say I did some cutting.

Aren’t they so pretty?  As I was walking to the house to grab the scissors I thought “who ever said that diamonds are a girls best friend must not have ever witnessed a row of blooming tulips”. 

Cheerful tulips on the table … seriously, who needs diamonds.



  1. I love tulips too. I can not plant them as the bunnies chew them off. they did transplant some tho as they have appeared in funny locations.

  2. Those yellow and red ones are really pretty..I’ve never seen any like those. And they bloom so early in the spring, when they are so appreciated.

  3. I hear ya girl! ANd those are gorgeous!!

  4. Beautiful!
    I think I planted tulips and daffodils one year. I like them but I’m not good with bulb flowers.

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