Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 1, 2010

May Day!

It’s May Day!  

I made some cookies for a friend today … her little girls really.  It was a last-minute deal when I first of all realized it was May Day and then glanced at my cookie cutters on the fridge and saw my new tulip one… it was a done deal.  Thankful for a half a batch of dough already to go in the freezer I took a little time to bake and decorate. 

I am getting better I think and these were fun and no stress.  Farmer Neal just went to drop them off.  He wouldn’t agree to ring the door bell and run but he did agree to be very very careful with the box. 

Happy May Day friends.  If you were here I would have given you a cookie.



  1. the cookies are so pretty, they look like they came from a bakery. I do a little cake decorating and enjoy it quite a bit. it is much easier than it looks.

  2. Love the butterflies! Those turned out so nice, and I notice how you packed them!

  3. Its just me again, a real pest but todays walmart ad had a dozen cookies for 4.00 and they were butterflies and flowers decorated just like yours. Yours wee prettier and much neater. Good job.

  4. Your cookies are lovely… they taste delicious !!!

    Would you consider sharing your recipe ??
    Am always looking for great recipes tried and true!

    Your children are adorable..thanks for sharing your life.
    Have a great day :)

  5. Oh. My. Word. Those are GORGEOUS!! You are the best. Seriously. I am going to be emailing you when I need inspiration and tips! :)

  6. OK, I have to ask….what do the letters H,E, and L stand for?

    • Hannah, Ella, and Lillian. :) There are names on three of the butterflies too … but the pink was pretty light.

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