Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 5, 2010


I figure since it has been a few days since a post and a few months since a “random” post … that would be my plan.  As you may recall these random posts are just that, random.  Random thoughts that pop into my head as I type.  Some posts are better than others, some are more random, some even humorous.  I can’t guarantee what you’ll get here … it could be short and boring, or long and fun … or somewhere in between.

So here we go. 

  • Today is Cinco De Mayo.  No idea if that is spelled right but I know it is today because my smart husband told me.  He is only so smart though cause he couldn’t exactly tell me what is celebrated today, it was a toss-up between two options.  I however am not even smart enough to remember what the two options he told me two hours ago were.
  • I am having some serious difficulty with remembering things and oh my, the things that come out of my mouth that are mixed up.  I blame the babies … it only seems fair since I am pretty certain it has to be their fault.
  • Those said babies are good.  Wanna see em?

  • I wish that she looked this happy right now.  She has been lacking in substantial nap time the past couple days and is over-tired, yelling at me.  I just said “stop crying” and oh my goodness did the yells get louder.  I honestly feel bad for over-tired little one’s.  She is laying down now, quiet … with hiccups so maybe they will lull her to sleep.
  • Apparently she was more than dirty while that picture was taken.  good grief.  But she is so cute that the more than one obvious stain on her shirt is ok.  Right?

  • Mathias is even older now, but that was my most current picture in the computer.  He is such a sweet little guy.  Don’t you just wanna pick him up and kiss him? 
  • They sure are adorable, those little ones.  I even forgive them for stealing all my brain cells. 
  • We got a van last weekend.  It is older, a little rusty, with lots of miles and I love it!  I have wanted a van for years.  In fact I almost purchased one before I met Farmer Neal. 
  • I have friends that refuse to drive a mini van.  I figure, embrace the mini-van phase of your life … it only lasts so long.  Eventually those cute little ones won’t want to be in the same vehicle with you.
  • Mathias is now crying.  Excuse me.
  • I love pacifiers. 
  • Oh now Evelyn is crying again.
  • Too bad she doesn’t have a pacifier. 
  • Oh she stopped.  She is good like that … off and on … off and on.  Never a dull moment around these parts.
  • I am tired.  Exhausted really. 
  • My house is mostly clean.
  • I love a mostly clean house.
  • Someday soon I am going to tackle that part of the house that is not clean which is the craft room.  Yikes.  I have been in their everyday this week to see if it is something I want to tackle.  That day has yet to happen.  But oh how I wish it would.
  • This was the first day all week that I didn’t do laundry.
  • My washer is still in the basement.  Such a bummer.  It was going to make its way up to the laundry room before the bedrest and c-section and well, taking care of a 1-year-old and a pregnant wife took priority.
  • I had a birthday last week.  I turned 37.
  • Do you know that I remember when people in their 30’s were old?
  • At least I am not 40 though … like my favorite Farmer Neal, cause that would be old.
  • Farmer Neal has been working a temp job the last couple weeks and has been busy with a big “build a new ramp” project at church.  He is gone from dusk to dawn most days.
  • I miss Farmer Neal.
  • Farmer Neal will start a new permanent job on Monday and that dumb old ramp will hopefully be complete. 
  • That’s right, I called it a dumb old ramp.  I don’t really love that ramp.
  • Did I mention that I was tired?
  • There are just so many more things to share but since I haven’t heard a cry for at least 5 minutes I think it is safe to say those little blessed souls have gone to sleep.
  • I love sleeping babies. 
  • I love awake babies too, and even crying and crabby ones but right now, I love sleeping babies.
  • That’s all for random. 
  • Have a great day everyone. 
  • Thanks for stopping by!  :)


  1. You know how I love your random posts! You just sound like a new mom (again) and the brain does return to normal once you’re getting more than 2 hours sleep in a row. Well, maybe… baby is 35 and I think I still may be slow. :)
    It could possibly be MY fault!

    Mathias is growing fast and Evelyn is a doll even with a few spills here and there.

    Happy Mother’s Day soon!

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