Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 10, 2010

Week in review … and this weeks preview.

It has been busy.  Have I said that before?  Likely.  Thought we would do a little week in review for prosperity sake.

This week there were treats made and enjoyed … so many in fact that butter is back on the grocery list once again.

First hair cuts … just the bangs … she did great.

“after” smiles for Julie our fantastic traveling hairdresser and friend. 

No smiles for Mom this time around however.

Our annual Tables of Plenty Event …

This years theme was “bath time” and it turned out really cute.  With the exception of the “too narrow” table-cloth.  That really should be expected when I begin to sew at 1am the night before/morning of the luncheon. 

This year we did two tables.  Thankfully I have lots of help and support from my Mom and sister-in-law Ginny.  This picnic table was one we put together before so it was just a matter of finding the plates and adding a border to the table-cloth.   Not too surprisingly I have had trouble with table-cloth size before.

I liked to say to people as I marked their table tour card … “we did two this year because I have nothing else to do”.  It was especially fun to see their reaction and their eyes shift from the baby in my arms (when I was able to hold him, which wasn’t much) and the one year old in the high chair munching on throwing a cracker.   I would then re-assure them that I was only kidding and that it wasn’t much trouble to get that one together and there was help, but I gotta admit I liked to say it to see the kind ladies reactions. 

Mother’s Day at my brother’s place was great fun and the food was fabulous. 

Mathias had lots of smiles and coo’s for Daddy the morning of Mother’s Day … he was obviously confused by who was to get the special attention on this day but he was adorable none-the-less.  There would be smiling pictures if his mother would have gotten up to grab the camera just a minute sooner. 

We I also did lots of these …

After such a busy week we plan to take this week a bit slower.  However, we do have a little big baptism celebration to prepare for. 

We love baptisms.  We do have to see if we can squeeze that little big boys arms in the gown however.  I am holding out hope that it will fit perfectly.

So this week should be a little less busy, and if not, then maybe next week we will take it a little slower.  :)


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