Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 18, 2010


We hear lots of little chattering going on when Miss E. plays.  She “reads” her books outloud most the time and it is pretty adorable.

The other night she was chattering about while reading in her crib, mostly about  Daddy … one her favorite people to talk about.   The Da-Da-Dad-Daddy’s were even more frequent than normal and were followed by great joyful shrieks and laughter.  By the way … those are some of the most fun sounds to hear come from her little mouth.  Curious why she was so very excited about Daddy at the moment I went to take a peak. 

She was pointing to Jesus and saying Da-Da-Dad-Daddy repeatedly.   Wondering if she was as brilliant as I thought, I pointed to the page and said “who is that?”.  She looked at me with those big blue eyes as if I were asking the most ridiculous question and answered clear as day … “dad”. 

Smart girl don’t you think?



  1. Very smart girl! And so cute, too!

  2. Such a fun age. . .

    I have to tell you this story. Elena is old enough to recognize pictures of Jesus, Jesus on a crucifix, etc. Pretty much anybody wearing a long robe and beard is Jesus to her. So last weekend at Mass, she heard us singing “Jesus Christ” in the Gloria. Then she started pointing to Jesus on the crucifix and yelling “Jesus Christ.” Which is good . . .sort of. I think people could have taken it the wrong way. ;P

  3. It is beautiful that she connects Jesus and Daddy!
    Let’s try to find a Mary with short dark hair and no veil. That will be quite a quest. Maybe an artist will draw one for us??

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