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2 babies and only 2 hands

I have long thought that mother’s should receive an extra set of hands when they give birth.  I know that is completely unrealistic and would never happen … nor should it because honestly, that would be creepy.  But my point is that it seems like an extra set sure would come in handy from time to time. 

I say that we have two babies even though Miss Evelyn is 16 months but that is mostly because she has yet to decide that walking would be a good thing.  If she were a walking 16 month old I would likely come up with something besides “2 babies” when I refer to the kids.   Mister Mathias still counts as a baby at only 2 months. 

The past few weeks since we started driving around in a cool van I have been taking both babies/kids alone here and there.  Mostly it is a little adventure to the itty bitty grocery store in my itty bitty town.  It only can be classified as a little adventure because the ladies at the counter beg to keep at least one of them with them there and they bring the groceries and at least one little one out to the car when I am finished. 

My lack of adventures has nothing to do with the challenge of it … two babies and one mama doesn’t really scare me, it’s just that there is little opportunity for them.  Tonight however a challenge presented itself.  I had a meeting to attend for church and I had to go … I had missed the past couple as a result of bed rest and new baby and I just had to go.  With Farmer Neal working into the evenings I knew that he wouldn’t be home to leave them with.   I tried to find a sitter for Miss E. but no luck.  I had planned on taking the baby because he is so portable.  With the sitter list ran through I knew that it would be a 2 babies and one mama trip. 

Now,  I have been to meetings with babies before … not my own babies, but others.  They were never my favorite meetings.  It can be difficult to have an adult meeting with little souls flitting about.  But I figured that three of us would be better than none of us. 

The meeting was about 30 miles away which meant I had to plan ahead.  Oddly enough this procrastinator left only about 3 minutes late.  That is like a miracle.  I had kids in the car, the stroller packed, diaper bag, toy backpack, my meeting bag, bottles, snacks … I didn’t forget a thing.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  

We traveled along and made good time … even arrived at the meeting early.  I had a plan of attack with getting the babies in the church.  See, the most challenging part for me is transporting once we have arrived at our destination … it can be quite tricky with two little ones that don’t walk.  The plan tonight was to use the stroller for Evelyn.   The stroller would keep her in one spot, and she likes to sit in it for a bit.   With the stroller holding the big girl, the diaper bag over the stroller handle, the toy bag stuffed in the stroller basket, the meeting bag over my shoulder and the car seat holding the little boy in one hand we moved forward … sortof. 

I must tell you now about the stroller.  I mostly hate my stroller.  Well I shouldn’t say that I hate it … it’s just that even though it was free and it is in good shape … it really only “strolls” if you are using two hands.  Well, this mama didn’t have two hands tonight.  Using one hand makes the stroller go in a circle, a bad jerky circle.  I managed to get us in the building and dropped the baby in the entryway and used both hands to get Evelyn to the table where we were greeted with “oh! … well look who’s here!”.  It was a mix between excited tones and “oh good grief she brought them with” tones.  I went to retrieve the baby and came back to the room where I heard “oh you brought both!”.  Silly.  I said “yeah they usually come as a set these days”.  Why they would think I would bring a 16 month old over a 2 month old if I was only bringing one I don’t know. 

The kids did great at the meeting.  One older woman held Mathias as he slept and Evelyn played and crawled around visiting a few people once in a while.  I was asked if they were always so quiet.  Pretty sure that nobody minded that they were there and that was a great success. 

Before heading for home I figured we should change some diapers and maybe get some pj’s on.  Plus, the mama needed to use the bathroom.  I gathered the baby in my arms and kept Evelyn in the stroller with the diaper bag.  All my other bags stayed put with the car seat.  It took me about 5 minutes to cross the room with the stroller.  Since Mathias doesn’t just stick to my body I needed at least one hand on him.  I tried my best to manuever our way gracefully but there was no way that was going to happen.   I thought that going backwards might help but then we just made circles the other direction.  I don’t know how we did it but we managed to make it to our destination all in one piece.  Smashing Miss E.’s arm as the door slammed against it was an added bonus for her. 

Now inside the bathroom I decided to go with Mathias first.  A diaper change which needed more than one wipe if you know what I mean, was mostly painless.  He was fussy, but nothing too terrible.  I did a quick “put Evelyn on the floor, move Mathias from the changing table to the stroller, and put Evelyn up on the changing table” and went on to change another diaper and put some pajamas on her.  I was quick … it helped to be quick since Mathias was mostly the shade of a red grape while screaming the entire time.  Why the mama left the pacifier in the car seat I don’t know.  With Evelyn done I did another switch, this time keeping Mathias facing out in the crook of my arm and guiding Evelyn to the stroller with the other.  I did mention that I needed to use the bathroom right?  My next plan was to get the diaper bag back together and try to steer all of us to a stall.  While putting the bag together one-handed the baby in the other one spit up … like a lot.  So much that I just stood and stared at the puddle on the floor for a moment wondering what on earth I had to clean it all up with.  I grabbed the burp rag from the diaper bag and cleaned the floor as well as I could under the circumstances.  My next decision was wrong but I decided to head back to the table, get a pacifier in the screaming babies mouth, get him settled in his car seat and then head back to use the bathroom. 

Unfortunately I still had the horrible stroller that only likes two hands.  Evelyn was only smashed a little on her feet as I tried to throw the door open and push the stroller quick through the door.  Again, circles.  We made it a few feet when a woman still there from the meeting said “can I help you with anything”.   I of course said “nope, we are good here”.  Apparently I am a liar.  I left Evelyn where she was because we were stuck once again and went across the room to get Mathias all set up.  As I was walking back to the stroller the sweet woman took ahold of the handle with two hands and strolled Evelyn out to the van. 

I loaded the babies, chatted a bit while thinking “man, I should have used the bathroom!”, thanked the kind lady for her help and we headed out.   We made it home with only a little crying and overall I thought that our little adventure went well.  However,  with armfuls of bags and babies to bring in the house when we arrived home I decided to leave the stroller in the van … afterall, this mama only has one set of hands.



  1. 1 baby and 1 mom here is already so difficult, you are like a supermom to me. I know we all enjoy busy raising our kid.. but like you say sometime I just wish I had an extra pair of hands.

  2. You are a good storyteller. These stories will be so precious in the future. Thanks for sharing them with us too. I’m sorry that I don’t remember much, but Loren was such a good baby and cute too…

  3. You are a really great story teller, seems like I am right in the room watching all this and feel like I need to help you. My daughter had her kids close too and had 2 in diapers and 2 on bottles at the same time. She would say “ok I will just put my big girl pants on and get this done”.

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