Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 25, 2010

Catch Up.

It has been a little busy around here lately and though it isn’t always my desire, the blog is the first thing to go.  In an attempt to get caught up … I present the things that I could write an entire post on, but don’t have the time for.


Mathias was baptized on May 16th. 

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration of the sacrament.


This just makes me smile … thought that it might do the same for you.

And this one too … real men wear pink right?


My cousin Katie was married this past weekend. 

I loved the cake … my Aunt Jill does a great job.

I took both kids without Farmer Neal.  I gave him the wedding off so that he could get a few things done around here.  Even though the day went mostly ok and I had family to help, I don’t think that he will be getting many more weddings off. 

Miss Evelyn did “ok” though we had to take more than one walk to cure the “I don’t wanna just sit here” moments. 

Eventually she crashed … thanks to her persistent Mama walking around in circles outside in flip-flops.


Mister Mathias had a check-up on Monday.  It was to be his 2 month but he was 2 months and 12 days.  Close enough.

He checked out just great.  Weighed in at 13 pounds 2 oz.  and is 23 1/4 inches long. 

That’s a pretty tubby chubby boy.  And adorable as well.


And one last snap shot for good measure …

So there you go … our little life in a few pictures. 

Have a great day! 



  1. Nice job of catching up! I love the family photo from the baptism.

    Good work on boy-growing, too!

  2. These pictures are amazing! And your aunt made that cake?? Wow! Love it all. :)


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