Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 27, 2010

A lesson on blessings.

“Hey Mom?”

“Yes Mathias”

“Umm … is this bumbo chair you put me in … PINK?”

“Well yes, yes it is Mathias.  Good job on color recognition buddy!”

“Thanks … but I am a little concerned here Mom.  Aren’t boys supposed to have blue bumbo chairs?”

 “Well see here’s the deal Mathias … you are blessed to have a big sister who received all sorts of pink stuff, and so you sort of get stuck with pink.”

“You mean this chair is like some of the pink bibs and pink burp rags I get to use when all the blue ones are in the laundry basket?”

“Right … kind of like that.”

“Oh, ok … blessed with a big sister, so I get pink stuff and I should be happy to have this chair, even if it is pink.  Got it.  But hey?, is that my blessing of a big sister over there?”

“Yes it is.”

You mean that little girl who picks on me, and tries to take my eyes out is my blessing?”

“Ummm … yeah sorry about that.  The thing about blessings is that you don’t really get to pick them, they just come to you.  Yours happens to be a cute little girl who likes to terrorize you whenever the opportunity presents itself.  But she really does like you, she just doesn’t know how to show you in the proper way quite yet.”

“The bonus here for you Mathias is that you almost weigh as much as her and so really, her days of terrorizing you are quite limited.  So don’t worry, I will make sure that you keep your eyes in the mean time and you will have a chance to be the bigger little brother before you know it.”

“Sounds good Mom.”

“Thanks for understanding Mathias.  And might I add that you rock that pink bumbo chair like nobody’s business.”

“Yeah I thought so.” 



  1. Oh my gosh, this post made me laugh out loud. Not only is the story funny, but the photos match the ‘conversation’ as well. This is one of your best efforts in my estimation! Fun. :)

  2. This post is awesome. I have 2 little boys right now and I know when a sister comes along I will have to have a similar conversation with her. I know my mom is going to enjoy reading this post tonight when I show it to her. I was the older girl with a little brother and she often warned me…just wait til your brother gets bigger than you. You better be nice now. Thanks for your blog…very enjoyable!

  3. So cute, and your captions were so appropriate!

  4. So funny!

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