Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 5, 2010

Just call her a farm girl!

Today Farmer Neal took Miss E. out to do some chores with him.  Apparently there was a ride in a wheel barrow and a ride on the wagon that I missed.  I did however stubble upon this when I found them. 

Such a big helper. 

After the job of getting air in the tires was done she played and played … in the dirt driveway. 

Pretty sure that she will have no problems adjusting to being a farm girl if today was any indication.  We will however, need to find her shoes before the next outing … the bear slippers didn’t stay on her feet for her entire outside adventures.  Which is ok … who ever heard of a clean farm girl anyway.



  1. Miss E reminds me of our daughter. She liked to play with Dads tools. Line them up had the right ones to him.Today she is very good with tools for Christmas she wanted a electric saw and screw driver.
    Now she is wants to attend plumbing classes.

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