Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 8, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Yesterday morning rang in with the normal bells and whistles … Evelyn awake and the rest of us still in sweet slumber.  Daddy arose first (he is extremely good like that!) and plucked her from her crib for a quick diaper change then to the kitchen for some breakfast.  We usually start with some Cheerios and a glass of milk while an egg cooks.  Though the egg rarely is consumed, it is prepared none-the-less. 

Not soon after she was munching happily on her Cheerios the Mama was up and we were about the rest of the morning routine.  While at the sink starting the first of many dishes for the day the Mama spotted this …

Daddy said “I slid that at least three feet away” … well apparently 3 feet away was still close enough for little determined fingertips to pull the heavy stoneware pan of delicious brownies close.    

I guess the Mama didn’t figure that a quiet Evelyn meant a frosting happy one.

Breakfast of champions according to our goofy little girl.



  1. Mmmmm…the only thing better would’ve been if she managed to steal some brownies as well:)

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