Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 12, 2010

Safe Play

“Hey Mathias … you wanna play with Evelyn?”

“Ummm … are you sure that is such a great idea Mom?”

“I do think it is a good idea because I am so brilliant.  See how this works?  I put you in the boppy in her crib and she thinks she is getting to play with you!  It will work great … she won’t  be able to reach your face.  I should warn you that she will be able to pull your legs but after a try or two I am pretty sure she will give up on trying to move you.”

“So glad that I have such a smart Mom!”



  1. In my experience, this only works until they figure out that they can “share” toys by pitching them over the side. Block missiles fired at baby’s head = unsafe play :(. Girls seem less likely to do this than boys, though.

  2. Funny, especially since I finally bought a playpen when you were a baby not to keep you IN, but to keep your 3 little brothers away from you:) Your sister wasn’t too dangerous but they were. Like Evelyn, they mostly wanted to play but I was afraid you’d get run over, or someone would fall on you.

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