Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 7, 2010

This & That

So it looks like I have been a bad blogger here … sorry, so sorry.  But here is the deal … life with “the littles” is busy!  Who knew?  :)  Well, for one I did and everyone else who has raised a “little one” … or two, or four, or six, or ten.   Time slips away with feedings and napping and playing and all the joy that comes with raising those “littles”. 

Since both of my little loves are in sweet slumber I thought that I would update a few areas of our little life on the farm.  I actually have some things to post when the time to do so presents itself.  There have been baking failures, growing gardens, adorable babies, sewing projects, and even a fantastic air conditioner install to share!   But for now, just a few words on “this & that”.

I am unfortunately still dealing with mastitis.  It is not a fun process.  However, at my appointment today my doctor was optimistic that things look better.  I have my doubts but I will trust her on it.  She said “I hate to say it but I think this looks better.”  I replied with “Ummm … that sounds a little goofy, isn’t that a good thing?” to which she said “Well, I just really don’t want to jinx myself here.”  I cause her some stress … oops!  The plan now is that I finish another week of antibiotics … my 7th one incase you are counting.  If after a week things aren’t improved then I will be referred to a surgeon and the abscess will have to be surgically removed.  Needless to say I am really hoping that the antibiotic does it’s thing this time around.  Feel free to send a prayer or two my way if you are looking for something to do. 

I went to the dentist today.  The trip to my favorite little dentist office with some of my favorite people in it is worth the time it takes me to get there.  The reason why I mention this is because it had been almost 4 years (I know … I know!) and well … there were no cavities!  Lots of tartar to scrape off but well, that is to be expected.  And even though my teeth hurt a smidge, I am feeling pretty proud of myself for having a cavity free visit.  I made a promise that I will floss … even though I hate it.  Why I hate it I don’t know, but I will be better … a promise is a promise afterall. 

We have been spending lots of time in the van with all my doctors appointments.  Since Grandma is only another 30 miles we have been making some visits there as well.  Evelyn loves to go there.  I love to as well, for lots of reasons but my favorite reason is because Evelyn is so caught up in the toys and kids in the daycare that she forgets all about me and Mathias for a bit.  This allows me the time to hang out with my baby boy.  I rarely get the chance to just hold him at home with all the work around and Evelyn loving us both oh so much.  It also helps that with Mom’s extra set of eyes and hands that she so willingly shares, the work load is a little lighter with her.  So I get to sit and hold Mathias and I love that … it is like a little treat.

Do you ever have a day when you just feel so blessed?  Well, today is one of those days.  I know that life throws me some curves but really, when the day is done and I reflect on my life here I have no complaints.   Not even one because why waste the time with silly complaints.   I often think that if someone were to join us for a day from start to finish they would conclude that we have got a pretty great life. 

Blessed beyond measure and living the sweetest life I know … and that is the end of “this & that”.



  1. On the rare occasion that I am able to spend a few cherished minutes with you and your family…I will agree that you are very blessed. When your children flash that huge smile my way, I feel all warm and fuzzy and my eyes fill up with tears. Its hard to explain. I would highly recommend it though!!

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