Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 12, 2010

Bath time … fun?, depends on who you ask.

Bath time started out just like any other normal bath time.  Evelyn was covered in applesauce from head to toe and the water was running to fill up the kitchen sink.  The kitchen sink has always been the place for bath time around these parts.  I know that one day we will have to graduate to the big tub in the bathroom but the kitchen sink still works great and so that is where we continue our routine night after night.  While Evelyn watches from her place at the head of the kitchen table, I finish up the dishes and eventually run her water.  She knows this is happening when I head to the linen closet for her towel, wash cloth and cherished little ducks that suction to the bottom of the sink enabling her bottom to rest securely. 

She enters the water with glee and as her hair is washed she barely flinches as the warm water flows over her face.  The biggest flinch we get is a big smile.  The girl loves her bath time.  Some nights bath time is quick and other nights she has the option to play a little.  Tonight was an extended bath time as I was prepping some cookie dough mere inches from the sink. 

As the eggs were mixing with sugar and butter, bath time took a turn for the worse when an all too familiar look crossed that sweet little girls face.  I gasped and said “are you pooping?”.  The big blue-eyed girl only smiled while shaking her head no.  And she wasn’t telling a fib as the water was still as clear as it started and I could see those little yellow ducks stuck to the bottom of the sink.  I glanced down to the water every few moments to make sure it was still clear as I had heard horror stories of bath time mishaps involving poop just as this.

As the flour made it to the dough a few minutes later I glanced at the water only to see a horrible murky color.  The now giant smile on my girls face confirmed what the water was trying to tell me … it was then that I knew I was in big trouble.  How exactly does a Mom clean out poop from the kitchen sink turned bath tub?   I knew that I wasn’t the first Mom or Dad to look at a once clear bath time tub and wonder what to do.  Turns out that nobody could prepare me for the task at hand.  

I took the wet and even dirtier then she was before her bath girl out of the water.  Incase you are curious, she didn’t want to leave.  Have  you taken a  wet and slippery 18 month old from a dirty sink who would rather stay in there?  Gross.  She sat on the counter atop her pink towel as I drained the sink.  Why I didn’t think that I would see what I saw I don’t know.  I feared that those cute little ducks would never be the same. 

After some fishing for poop and gathering what should really not be gathered outside of a diaper, the sink received a good scrub down, and the girl went back in a new sink of fresh water for a final rinse. 

As hopeful as I am that this will be a one time event in my life as a Mom I am most certain it will not be. 

Bath time … who knew it could be so fun.



  1. Thanks for sparing us a picture of Evelyn’s “deed”! lol

  2. Yeah…had those a few times. I don’t know that I sat and thought “what to do now that there was poop in the tub”? I think it was to sit and look at it, wondering: Do I really have to do this? and then building up the nerve to go against instict and just reach in! Ha!

    One of our babies actually had projectile poop that ranged our of her baby tub and onto her fellow bathmate/sister’s arm! Poor little girl!

    Baby poop stories are great! Thanks for sharing and the reminescence!

  3. Man, I am so glad I can’t relate to this post. Never happened to me. Hurray! Since I frequently bathed you three at a time, that would have been a really bad scene. :)

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