Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 14, 2010

Misc photos

I re-sized some photos for future posts … whenever they happen to happen … and these are just random shots that didn’t have a home in a post but are worthy of sharing. 

Or sweet sleeping baby.  I just loved how his feet were crossed.  It isn’t the most clear shot since it was slightly dark, but still cute.

Miss Evelyn eats her applesauce by herself.  Can you tell?   This was as bad as I have witnessed so was worthy of a picture.  Tonight she was barely a mess … she is getting better.  Practice makes perfect they say. 

We call this stroller the “extra long” … since, well … it’s extra long.  We are so creative … or something. 

Evelyn at our local parade.  She loved it, especially the Tootsie rolls and the fancy beads.   She has been wearing her beads all week.

Mathias was wide awake at 10pm last night so he spent some time with his favorite Mama who thought he looked adorable propped up on the pillow with his belly showing. 

There you have it … a few snapshots of our little life on the farm.



  1. What cute pictures!! Your kids are beautiful! I can’t believe how big they are! How are you feeling Stephanie? I have been praying for you since you were sick. Hopefully you are all better by now with the Mastitis. If you aren’t feeling back to normal by now without antibiotics I would encourage you to come and stay with us and get a second opinion at The Mayo Clinic. Your doctor can call and refer you here and you will get in a lot sooner. Hopefully you are better and off the antibiotics.
    We had a great trip to Portland for Bridget’s graduation. She is very fortunate to have a job -especially one she wanted! She starts with Orientation on Mon. She won’t make it home this summer, maybe in the Fall.
    The trip down the OR and CA coast to San Francisco was georgeous!
    Now I am in the middle of switching to Phone Service Center in Rochester/or Kasson….had my 2nd interview with them today…keep me in your prayers since it would be a dream come true if I got a job in Kasson, only 5 blocks from home.
    We hope you can come to our party to celebrate Mike’s retirement next Sat 7/24. Josie and Mark and the kids are planning on coming and so are Steve and Courtnay, Katie and Sean will be here but also have a wedding Sat in Kasson.
    Hope your job is going well Loren. Have you put in a big garden again this year? Is your sanitation system up and working?
    Please email us since I don’t get on your blog enough. I love the way you have it organized. Wow you are good Steph to be able to get this all done. It is awesome!

  2. I loved every photo! I guess I just naturally would. I think the stroller looks even longer in the photos than it does ‘in person’….and yes, that is a really creative name. I think you might be people who would name your black dog, (IF you had a dog ever!) … Blackie:)

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