Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 15, 2010

Officially Cool.

You may have always thought that they were cool … but no, oh no friends … we were actually quite hot.  Well, in the summers anyway.  See, our little life on the farm has always been air conditioner-less.  This is my fourth summer living among these walls and I gotta say … four years was long enough without the sweet comfort of a cool place to go in times of great Minnesota summer moments.  I think that I dealt with the heat quite well all things considered.  And by all things, I mean the fact that a brand spankin’ new air conditioner has been living among these walls with me all along.  Only difference is that he or she (it’s difficult to tell) was still in a box.  My box has been gone for years and years. 

Why an air conditioner would sit in a box all this time while I endured the heat is only the result of one man.  One farmer Neal to be exact. 

You would think by this photo that he wasn’t too excited about this air conditioner business.  I don’t really know if he was or not, I just know that the Farmer Neal that we all know and love finally moved that heavy box and started the process.   But really, about that picture?, I just happened to catch his look out of the corner of his eyes as I snapped the photo.  He looks crabby, even a little scary don’t you think?  Good thing we all know how great and non-scary he is.

I wasn’t the only one excited … of course she just thought that a big giant box in her livingroom/bedroom was fun!

There is a story that goes along with this here air conditioner.  How we got it, why we got it, why it never got installed.  Actually I don’t have an explanation for why it never got installed … except that we are both procrastinators.  Remember that?  I would probably place bets on that being at least part of the reason. 

The short version of how this farm-house ended up with the air conditioner after all these years goes something like this.  One day before we were wed … it was in the fall and we were married in the winter, Loren’s uncle called and said “Hey, you want an air conditioner?”  and Loren said “Well, Stephanie did say that if she was ever pregnant in the summer she would have to have one.”  Oh yeah, that is the other reason that the air conditioner stayed in the box … because I have always been “with child” in the fall and winter.  I took back what I said and told him that I need an air conditioner when it is hot in the summer … with child or without.  Anyway, so we purchased part of the air conditioner and received the other part as our wedding gift.  Nice deal huh? 

We picked up the air conditioner at Loren’s cousins wedding a couple hundred miles away and wedged it in between the two of us in the back seat of a tiny Dodge Neon on the way home.  I remember it was raining and we made more than one stop after the wedding.  We were so scrunched it is hard to believe we fit back there.  You can see how big that box is … it is a miracle that it fit and thinking back, sortof amazing that I still married him after that trip.  I have tried to forget the details … you know like that one where the said tiny Dodge Neon doesn’t have air conditioning.  Isn’t that interesting? 

Pretty sure he would have had a much more difficult time without all this great help!  I think that she opened and closed those flaps a hundred times … very helpful.

So after 4 (almost) long years of being unused and moved from place to place in this old place … our air conditioner has a summer home.  Sitting right in the south window of the livingroom humming along doing it’s thing. 

Just as a side note … Evelyn pretended the end of the cord was a phone.  It was adorable, even though she pretty much makes everything into a phone … I thought that was creative.

It wasn’t an easy process … it took about 4 hours total and there were more than a few “glitches” along the way.  The only time that is available for such projects on a work day is before work but the air conditioner got moved right on to the top.  I don’t know why … seeing as it has been so long, but I don’t question much when progress is being made.  I just sit and watch it happen … waiting for the words “well, this won’t get done today ….”.   I am still a little shocked that I didn’t hear those words.  The project was started and finished … in one single attempt.  Amazing.  Three cheers for my favorite Farmer Neal!

I love the cool-ness.  Even though we haven’t had a scorcher of a day and the little appliance has barely been used, I like to know it is an option.  Farmer Neal could (and has) work in 100 degree heat and not even sweat.  His adorable wife however can not.  The thought of the heat can make me hot.  We aren’t sure where the children will land but from the looks of it that little girl who is so much like her Daddy seems less bothered by the heat then that little boy who seems to be more like his Mommy.   Doesn’t really matter for now, because the house is cool and so are we.


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