Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 22, 2010

What I did instead of the dishes …

Before Loren left for work this morning he gave me a folded piece of paper that had little stickers on it from work … apparently they were extra … and said “here, Evelyn can play with these”.   Only in our house would an 18 month old be given a bunch of little label stickers to do whatever she wanted with.  After she stickered our bed and who know’s what else I found a colored flyer in the pile of junk mail and we stuck the plain white stickers to that.  She liked it but it was difficult for her little hands and fingers to stick them to the paper without it twisting. 

Then I thought “hey, what about a felt board!?”.  So … we made one this morning, instead of shucking the 5 gallons of peas or washing yesterdays dishes.  Yep, we are fun like that.

Since I like a challenge I decided to make one without going to the craft store which is 15 miles away and which requires me to spend money that I just shouldn’t spend. 

First, I needed a board.  I found these foam boards sitting beside the freezer in the craft room.   They were used here 3 years ago.  I started saving things like this just for days like today. 

I glued them together and set my sewing machine on top to dry. 

Then I started searching for felt.  I knew I had some, but didn’t know where it was in the chaos that is my craft room.  After some searching and lots of “oh, I totally forgot I had this great fabric!” moments, I found a big piece that would work for the board, and one small plain purple piece.  That just wouldn’t be enough felt for shapes and such so I continued to dig.  I knew I had some felt.  In my head it was all sorts of colors and in a nice neat stack.  Reality is that it was a mess of off white squares.  Off white on off white wouldn’t do either so I came up with a plan.  How about I adhere fabric to the front of the felt?  Perfect. 

I grabbed a few different scraps of fabric, the iron, and the small amount of heat & bond I had on hand. 

I ironed the fabrics and then the fabric to the felt.  Worked great! 

Well, I did have a little trial and error and lost a big green piece because the iron was too hot but it was a good lesson. 

Before I knew it I had a nice pile of felt pieces. 

Next, the big guy and I went to finish the board.


Not too sure how to adhere the felt, and having few options I grabbed the double face tape.  I don’t know how long it will last but it worked pretty well I think. 

The corners might come apart but I just really wanted to try it out!  I think I was more excited than Miss E was. 

After making all the pieces I was a little concerned that she might not figure out that the printed side wouldn’t stick.  Turn’s out she is smart and it wasn’t a problem … plus, they do sorta stick.

She liked the “layered look”.

Without a nap all day she played longer than I figured.  Her goal was to get them all on which she accomplished with a little help.  You learn a thing or two about a child’s personality with something like a felt board … interesting.  Even though she was frustrated easily with falling shapes, she had fun with her new board. 

So it looks to me that skipping the dishes and peas for a bit was the right decision.  It will be fun to add more pieces and some letters in the future. 

Well, the littles are both asleep so I better do those dishes and peas while the little cuties slumber.  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Very creative! The last shot of Evelyn and her finished ‘project’ looks like a kid with her science project proudly on display!

    Maybe someday.

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