Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 26, 2010

Garden 2010 … an update.

While the kidlets were deep in slumber I ran quick … well ok, I didn’t run but I did try to hurry … to snap some photos.  The garden this year is beatiful!  We have had perfect garden weather which is such a nice blessing.  I have not pulled one weed in this garden so all the credit goes to Mr. & Mrs. Veteran Haymaker (Farmer Neals (Loren’s) parents).  Boy, if that isn’t confusing!  They are sharing the work and the produce of the garden this year.  So the weeding credit goes to them.  Actually … wait, I did pull two weeds when I took the onion picture because they were in the way.  So technically I can’t say that I have not pulled a weed.  I have a hard time not pulling every weed I see in the garden … it is actually sortof a problem, I just try to ignore them and pretend they aren’t there.  

On my way to the garden I saw this flower weed. 

Sometimes there is beauty in weeds … if you chose to look … just sayin’.

I also found out that we have apples.  Well actually I found them on Saturday when friends were over and we took a stroll to show them the garden.  But today I had the camera. 

There are quite a few apples on both of our 30+ year old trees.  We missed the flowering stage so we didn’t think that there would be any this year.  Finding them just means more work really, but I have nothing else to do so it is all good.

Here is a  shot of most of the garden.   The garden is about 50 feet by100 feet.  The rows being 50 feet long.  

The peas.  4 rows.


Peas are almost done for the season which is why they are sortof yellow.   It was another great year for peas.   The freezer is full of ’em!

Broccolli.  1 row.

Cabbage.  1 row … I think.

Those cabbages remind me of cabbage patch kids.  Incase you wondered.

Onions.  Freshly weeded… oh shoot!, except for that tiny one.  Dang old eyes of mine.  2 rows … I think.

Tomatoes.  3 rows.

Squash.  No idea how many hills … but I think it is just one row.  Lots of squash.

Peppers.  Almost 1 row.  2 varieties.

Carrots.  1 row.

Peppers on the left, weeds and beets on the right. 

Beans.  2 and 2/3 rows. 

Popcorn.  1 and 1/3 row.

There are also several rows of potatoes, but the shot was blurry.  The look like potato plants.  You will need to imagine them.  There are also beets, cantelope, and flowers that are burried in weeds so no pictures.  

Garden 2010 … so far so good!


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