Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 27, 2010


It’s been awhile since a “Random” post … here goes.

  • I am officially done with peas for the season.  My freezer currently holds 120 cups of peas. 
  • The beans are now ready which means my break from processing veggies will be short … but doing something different is at least a good thing.
  • I have a birthday gift to make for tomorrow evening at 5pm.  I have yet to start.  The plan is to put a name via cute fabric onto a fun striped towel.  Pretty sure that won’t be happening until tomorrow.
  • Did I mention that it is 10pm?
  • It was a long day. 
  • Miss Evelyn had a fever most of the day … still has one though it is lower.  No other symptoms besides the fever.  Well, unless you can count whiney as a symptom. 
  • Whining is not my favorite. 
  • Mister Mathias is my favorite baby boy. 

  • Seriously, he is a sweet sweet boy.  I just wanna eat him up.  Which is a silly saying if you ask me.   Cause if you ate him he wouldn’t be around anymore.  Right? 
  • I have been waiting for that sweet boy to poop all day.  I think mission has been accomplished … at least it sounded like that.
  • My children are still awake.  
  • Did I mention it is after 10pm and that it was a long day?
  • At least they are both in bed. 
  • You know that they sleep in the livingroom right? 
  • In early June we made a goal to have both bedrooms upstairs ready for all of us by August 1st.  
  • Farmer Neal worked upstairs in the kids official room this morning since it was raining outside.  It’s the first time he has been up there  since our goal was set. 
  • Not much progress was made today in getting the kids out of the livingroom … but a little progress is still considered progress.
  • That baby boy stinks.
  • I better change him.
  • I’ll be right back.
  • Do you know that I say “I’ll be right back” about a hundred times a day?
  • And that I tend to exaggerate?
  • But really, I say it so much that when I start to say “I’ll be … ” Evelyn waves and say’s the sweetest “bye”.
  • Seriously, I gotta change that butt.
  • If I could play some intermission music for you … it would be playing right here.
  • All better … smells better I should say. 
  • I change a lot of diapers in a day … a lot!
  • If  you are ever wondering “I wonder what Stephanie is up to?”  Let me tell  you that it is safe to assume I am changing a diaper.  Not complaining because what good would that do … just sayin’.  You know incase  you wondered.
  • That is the beauty of a random post … I just say whatever I please and have little concern of what the reader is thinking. 
  • That isn’t always easy actually, since I tend to over think just about everything.  I am constantly trying not to do that since I don’t think it is a good thing. 
  • I need a shower.   Boy that was a horrible transition huh?  Nice. 
  • But really, it has been yucky hot all day and well, that means this girl needs to suds up and get less yucky.
  • I started bathing Miss Evelyn in the big tub a couple of weeks ago. 
  • She loves it.
  • See?

  • Told ya. 
  • And I love her after the bath in her towel.  

  • She is a sweet girl … you know, minus that little whining stuff that happens from time to time.  But still … cute as a bug.
  • She is asleep now.  Not sure how that is possible since this guy is still awake.

  • And he is talking up a storm.  Seriously, he is loud.   He might be telling me to get out of his room so he can sleep?
  • I really just snapped that photo … well it was at 10:20pm and now it is 10:33pm.  I promise that he looks the same. 
  • My boy is one sweet guy.
  • Well, since it is 10:33pm and I have started repeating myself I should close here. 
  • It’s funny … when I decide to do a random post I usually have a couple of things in mind to mention.  Yet, at the end I don’t remember what they were … but I know that I didn’t mention them. 
  • The beauty of a random post is just that … random.


  1. You know how I love your random posts! They always make me smile.

    Some random comments:

    Monday I had 7 children here for daycare. Monday afternoon I had a visitor with 2 more…til 5:30…took me awhile to get over that

    The past 3 days there have been 4 children here under 3…all wearing diapers. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. Good thing I can change a diaper in 15 seconds, or 20 seconds if it stinks:)

    It isn’t Aug. 1st til Sunday. There’s still hope.

    You take such nice photos!

    Happy bean processing today.

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