Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 7, 2010

Crib #2

I always said that I wouldn’t have two cribs in the living room.  Well, I have said this for about a year, maybe not “always”.  But, not too surprisingly … I now have two cribs in the living room. 

That is the way it goes around here and well, Mister Mathias needed more room for sweet slumber.  No time to wait for the floor upstairs in their actual bedroom to be completed.

And so … the crib was put together and placed where the pack and play was … in the living room/dining room. 

Thankfully we had the best little helper around these parts doing her best to make the job even easier.

The process to get this simple crib together was nothing short of an all afternoon process.  Much like all of our projects.  Yet, before too long the crib was up and the owner was putting it to good use. 

Eventually these sweet children of ours will have a room upstairs.  Just a few more “steps” in the process before the floor is painted and we can move in the furniture.  But for now, there are two cribs in the living room.  I can deal with that and it could be worse … it could always be worse.



  1. Yes it could be worse, there could be 3 cribs, just kidding. You have not mentioned your health in a while, are you ok now? Just thinking about how busy you must be and hoping you are feeling much better.

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