Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 26, 2010

The small project that turned into a huge one.

I was hoping to do a little organizing around these parts this week.  There are lots and lots of projects but I figured that this mess that is called “the desk” needed the most immediate help.  Mostly, because it is the area people can see without snooping around the house.

Obviously right?  It actually wasn’t quite this bad until I started the process of freeing up one more crate to use as a temporary file cabinet.  Even though we have two and they are a pain when you need something in the bottom one, it is still easier than filing through the piles on the desk. 

Here is where the extra crate is. 

It’s in this mess of a place we call the “craft room”. 

It has gotten way way way out of control.  Like most of our spaces in these four walls, there are great plans to organize this space as well.  But for now, it is a mess.  Partly because I have just way too much craft stuff and partly because I have been storing all the canned tomato goods in here since last summer.  You may recall that there were 97 quarts canned last summer.  They took three of my shelves and most of the floor space for boxes.  I wanted a count of everything so that I knew what to focus on this year … you know, since those tomatoes growing in the garden are getting more red by the day.   FYI … we have over 60 quarts left.  I wasn’t kidding when I asked for no tomato plants this year.  There were many less planted this year but we still have 48 plants in full bloom.  I do want to make bbq sauce and enchilada sauce … and hopefully others can use some of our bounty.

So … back to the messes that abound here. 

We have plans to get the basement cleaned out and new shelving added this fall for all the canned goods.  Which unfortunately means that all the current canned goods in the basement will need a temporary home.  That temporary home will be the craft room.  I need to come up with space for them in addition to condensing and eliminating some of my “craft stash”.  It isn’t all bad … those poor tomatoes have been lonely for some company in the form of maple syrup, apple sauce, and strawberry jam. 

Getting the tomato cans counted and organized meant that I had to organize the laundry room.  OH BOY!, that I didn’t want to even touch.  See, the cleaning and organizing of the laundry room that isn’t even technically the laundry room since my washer isn’t up here yet, has become a major “dumping” place.  There are tools, a bunch of 6 gallon buckets that need to be washed … you know, in the fantastic sink that has yet to be hooked up, and of course piles of laundry.   Plus, Farmer Neal promised that he would clean it out for my birthday gift … in April.   Let’s just say again that it has been busy around here.

I managed to organize and clean out the space where the washer “should” be and stacked boxes of canned beans and tomato for the time being.   There are 15 (that were empty) diaper boxes full of canned goods.

This came out of the laundry room and craft room. 

It took me hours to sort all the random newspapers and advertisements for recycling.  I even went out to the barn to get twine.  Incase you have forgotten … I hate the barn, it scares me.   But I was determined to get all those papers taken care of and by the door so that they had to get out of the house. 

And then, when I was all done … I found this box.

It was hiding behind the ironing board where the washer should be.  Bummer.  It has yet to be gone through.  I am delaying the inevitable.  I am good at that.  Could have something to do with why these three areas have gotten so out of control and why I am sitting here posting pictures of the chaos instead of working on it.


So in a nutshell … I am currently in the middle of THREE major organization and cleaning areas in my house.  The three that I have been putting off and putting off because they are just so big. 

Again … Sigh.

Thankfully,  the kids are great sports about the process.  In between feeding, washing, and clothing them I get a few things done with their cooperation.  Miss E. is happy with whatever I find for her.  Including these plastic cups I found hiding in the craft room. 

She loves them.  The simple tumblers have occupied her for hours.

And my favorite boy …

Well, he is just happy to be anywhere. 

As it stands right now, nothing is even close to done.  My plan of attack is to finish the craft room as much as possible which will clear out most of the chaos in the laundry room and then I can get to the desk.  You know the desk … where this whole thing started.



  1. This post has me chuckling! Very funny.

    Hard to believe how much you can get in such a small area. Good luck getting to the desk, where it all started! Maybe you should move it all to the barn. :) I’m very humorous, huh?

    At least you still have room for the kids.

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