Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 2, 2010

Evelyn’s One Year Photo Quilt … in process.

I finally picked the pictures for Evelyn’s “One Year Photo Quilt”.   I hope to complete it before she is two.  :)  Thought you might like to see the shots I picked.  I am missing two … I need to scan those from shots I had printed.  You may remember, that I lost all my files of her pictures from birth until 3 months when the laptop died.  I know, it stinks right?  Blah.  Oh well, no use crying over pictures lost spilled milk.  Good thing I sent Grandma Mary so many pictures. 

This was a difficult process to pick these 10, and there are a couple that could still be replaced depending on how they will look overall in the quilt … but as of right now, here they are. 

My forever favorite picture starts us off. 

Then a couple of months break and here she is at about 3 months.  Loren said “oh, yeah that was when she finally got fat.”  Those cheeks don’t lie.

4 Months.  Not completely sure that a sleeping baby picture will make the final cut but I really should have one since I have taken my fair share of them.   

5 Months … and I could still squeeze her into some newborn stuff.  So hard to believe that she was that little at 5 months!

6 Months .  One of my most favorite dresses! 

7 Months.  I also totally love this shot.  I even made it our backdrop on the computer.  Such a cutie she was … and still is of course.

8 Months.  Getting a little more hair back! 

9 Months.  Can’t yet decide between these two so I will show you both.

between 10 & 11 Months.  Our only other “professional” shot.  They look better … but oh well!

12 Months.  This was taken on her actual birthday … the day that I went on bed rest with Mathias and two days before she was hospitalized for Anemia. 

That’s our girl!  I will share the quilt when it is done … sometime!!



  1. Hard to believe she was so small. At the time she made up for her size with her vibrant personality:)

  2. It will be an adorable quilt…looking forward to seeing the picture of the final project. That will be such a great keepsake for her to have!

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