Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 8, 2010

Update … aka Poor Neglected Blog

Did you wonder if we were still around? 

Yep … we are.  Just busy is all.  Hopefully you aren’t as tired of that excuse as I am, but it’s the truth.  Life is busy and when life is busy, it leaves little time for writing and such.  But, here I am today!  We will count that as something.   Figured I would just do a little update of sorts to catch up in one fell swoop. 

I am sure that you have been on pins and needles as to the state of my craft room … am I right?  Just realized that sounded pretty punny.  I am not normally very punny, but that pins and needles comment is pretty good.  Anyway, I did get the room done.  Well, ok … it is like about 85% done which in my world still counts. 

I have a few boxes left that are actually Loren’s that I did not even attempt.  He really has to do them which mostly means they will be stacked there forever.  But, the rest of the room is pretty much done.  All the card making supplies are on a cart and all the sewing supplies are on a cart. 

I also did managed to clear the desk.  All the piles are now safely unorganized in a couple more boxes.  :)  That is just pretty much how we roll around here.  Bad I know, but what can I say … it is just my reality at the moment.

The kids are doing great.

And they are growing way too fast. 

Miss Evelyn is officially a full-time walker now which is fantastic.  She has spent the last month or so perfecting the process and rarely can be found on her hands an knees.  She will crawl only if it will be quicker than walking. 

She is adorable. 

Mathias is still my sweet favorite boy.  He is doing a little teething and even attempting to get on his hands and knees already.   Yikes!  I swear he was just born.

So life is good!  Thanks for popping by our little corner of the world. 

And since it’s my blog I will close with yet another couple of sleeping baby shots  …

Sigh … Incase you ever doubt it, just know that I love my job.



  1. I love your blog!!! and I love to see their little “woobies” are oh so loved.

  2. Hurray for you! Nice organization:) The photos are always a joy to see. I swear they grow daily at this point. Evelyn looks so cute in her pj’s with her baby and blanket all ready for bed. And of course the sleeping shots are always precious. I remember checking on you all at night before bed and enjoying the beauty of a sleeping child. And the quiet. :)

  3. great age with miss E isn’t it?? I am loving soph at this age, not that I didn’t love her more before, but you know…. :) We need to make that play date!!

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