Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 10, 2010

Farm Lingo

Now, I have been on our tiny little chickens and a couple steers farm for just about 4 years now and even though I still know very little and honestly have embraced very little, I do know a thing or two.  So when Farmer Neal came in from outside yesterday and said “We have a cow bagging up” I knew exactly what that meant.  See, cows only “bag up” for one reason. 

You remember Bessie right? 

She gave us Benedict about this time last year and we also bought her baby boy calf Bentley to raise the year before.  And apparently our free defective dairy cow turned beef cow is expecting again.  For all her quirks she is a good mama.  However, when we had her bred last December we didn’t think it “took” since she didn’t really seem pregnant and such.  Of course I have no idea what to look for, this is all Farmer Neal and Veteran Haymakers “figuring”.  I will admit that she certainly doesn’t look like she has a calf in there … but she was a “big girl” to start with so maybe that matters.  Of course I haven’t really met many “non-big girl” cows.     

But regardless, it looks like the boys were wrong with the “bagging up” and if all goes as planned, a new baby calf should grace the farm in he next couple of days. 

So we wait …


Does she look excited to you?

* She looks scarier than she is … or so I have been told.

Don’t worry poor girl … it will be over in no time.



  1. When I saw her earlier this summer I thought she was big enough to calf right then:) She was also very protective and not friendly so I was thinking her calf would be coming soon…like 2 months ago this is. So I didn’t really know a thing, but from the photos I would definitely say she’s ‘got milk’. How exciting! Kind of late in the year isn’t it? Hope the baby grows a winter coat post haste after arrival.

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