Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 11, 2010

Such is life on the farm …

Sad news to report.  Last night when Loren came home from work he checked on Miss Bessie the cow and she looked like she was getting ready to give birth to her baby calf, but also had early signs of Milk Fever.  Milk Fever is common in cows (especially with Jersey’s which she is half of) that are ready to calve.  So the vet was called and came out to give her some meds.  Farmer Neal checked every couple of hours and she was not getting better so he called the vet again.  A second vet came out and said “I don’t want to give to too much cause it could kill her”.  And well … it did!   Within an hour after the vet was here she was gone.  Isn’t that something?  Makes me very sad.  And unfortunately her unborn calf is gone too.  Even though the cattle have never been my favorite … it is just makes me feel sort of ill.  After Benedict is butchered in December we are officially out of the cattle business … at least for a while.  Farmer Neal said that we’ll raise a couple of pigs in the spring which is fine by me. 

So that is our little sad update.  :(



  1. That is sad. I learned the hard way not to get attached to cattle. Even though I now view my husband’s herd as money in my pocket or meat in my freezer, it is still sad to see a life lost. Yes, it is I, your longtime reader that disappeared. We cut out Internet at the house, but now I have it on my cell phone. I have a lot to catch up on! The kids are growing like weeds and as cute as ever!

  2. Very sad story. It’s so sudden! First you find out she’s going to have a calf and then both the cow and calf are gone.

  3. That is so sad and a big loss. Were you able to butcher out the cow for meat? I am surprised the vet didn’t open her up and try to save the calf.

  4. Just read this post to Dad. He was bummed for you all and said it sounds like you did what you could getting the vet out their asap.

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