Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 13, 2010

Living in a gated community.

Tis the season for cooler weather here in the land of cold.  For the little people who live here that means they are now officially living in a gated community. 


Last year it was just Evelyn, but now that Mathias is with us and their are two living in the space Loren made the comment that it is now a gated
community“.  Sometimes he is very funny … or at least I think so.

The job didn’t take long.  The fence pieces were already put together … just needed the drill and some screws. 


Of course there was help in the form of adorable blonde girl.


She took it upon herself to be in charge of the screws and give them out one at a time.  Towards the end however, when her abundant supply was dwindling fast she tried to be less generous with them.  Fortunately, she dropped them lots and her fast Daddy would snatch one up before she noticed.  He would say “Thank You!” as one was snatched and she would look down at her pile, then back up at him, then again at her pile, and conclude with a huge smile totally thinking that she still had them all,  yet got a thank you.  She is a hoot and I love to watch them work together. 


We also had moral support in the form of super tired, yet adorable baby boy. 


Evelyn can still freely roam the house since the woodstove isn’t used during the day yet.  So for now, the actual “gate” hasn’t filled the space between the fence posts.   Rest assured however, that cold days are certainly on the way.


And we are ready … and if you know us at all … that’s sayin’ something!.



  1. cute play on words:)

    It looks so organized in there! Nice to know that Evelyn is such a good helper, even if she is reluctant to share at the same time.

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