Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 20, 2010

Baking with my girl.

Last week Miss Evelyn and I made cookies. 

Well, she mostly ate chocolate chips.  Though I suppose it still counts as “helping”.   I must add that I have no idea why she looks so guilty eating them, since I was all cool-mom-like and let her. 

We made oatmeal chocolate chip and it was a pretty fun time. 

Well, except for that time when I decided to see if she wanted to wear her chef hat. 

She forgot about it quickly though when she remembered that there was a big bowl of dough she could steal chocolate chips out of.

Not too surprisingly, she liked them baked as well.

Since she wouldn’t smile, I said “show me your teeth!”

Close enough.



  1. Cute cookie maker!
    Your cookies are lined up so precisely on the cookie sheet they look like you measured the space between them. : )
    Mine always look like I was drunk while I was dropping them on the pan. ha

  2. I loved the guilty/sneaky photo, but my favorite is her ‘not smiling’ pose…just a beauty!

    I want some cookies now. I might have to bake tomorrow myself.

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