Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 23, 2010

Random on a Thursday Night

I have about … oh let’s see here, maybe about a dozen things that I should be doing.  But honestly, I have no desire to do any of them.  And so here I am … with absolutely no idea what to write.  Guess we will just start and see where we end up.

  • Behind me there are two little people in bed.  One is sleeping, one is far from it. 
  • Miss Evelyn did not take an afternoon nap today, though an extra long morning nap so in her defense, I totally get why she figured that a second nap was silly.  However, I would appreciate those pretty blue eyes to close and know that she is in sweet slumber.  Apparently taking off her socks for the 15th time today sounds like a better idea.
  • We are trying to teach her that socks are a good thing in an old farm-house in the winter.  She prefers the sock-less look … sort of like her Mama.
  • My goal is that she is asleep with socks on, by the time I finish this little post.
  • We made peanut butter cookies tonight.  And by “we”, I mean mostly “me”.   Evelyn figured out that I was up to something and asked to sit and “eat”.  She mostly wanted to watch.
  • Mathias watched as well.  Though he also mostly tried to escape out of the boppy by stretching as far as he could while looking backwards. 
  • He doesn’t mean to escape really, he just doscovered that was great fun to stretch and give his poor mother a heart attack. 
  • Mathias is now officially officially done with the boppy.  I know that I told you earlier that he had moved to the blue chair but tonight he went in the boppy since the space around the blue chair was a bit cluttered.
  • Cleaning off the table is on my to-do list.
  • I now hear cries behind me.  I think that if I were to decode the cries it would be something that I couldn’t repeat. 
  • Oh that was short, like a 10 second cry.  Those I can handle.
  • I canned a slew of tomatoes on Monday.  Farmer Neal picked a bunch that were ready to go in the garden and I got busy.  Ended up with 21 quarts. 
  • I had a little “incident” with the first batch.  One can broke and one lid popped off.   I was in a hurry and didn’t let the canner warm up properly and I knew that ring on the one that the lid came off of wasn’t quite right. 
  • There are 3 more boxes of tomatoes on my table and counter that are ripening.  They are close … maybe they will be ready Saturday. 
  • I figure that there are another 3 batches of some sort of tomato goodness in those boxes.
  • I keep forgetting that I gotta get more spices.  I should really write that down.
  • Did I mention that the peanut butter cookies were really yummy?  And that I fed Evelyn cookie dough for dinner? 
  • Loren is at work tonight and will be working a little overtime which means he will be home late late. 
  • Late late nights are not my favorite.
  • One day this week … hmmmm?, maybe it was Monday night? … Loren went out to the car after work and the back tire was flat.  He changed it and discovered that there was something seriously wrong with the rods or something?  It was a big ol’ blessing in disguise that nobody was driving the vehicle. 
  • We are down to one vehicle until we get the new tires and an alignment on the car.  Loren needs to call on that yet … you know, since Tuesday am. 
  • My husband is not a fan of making calls … even to those he loves … not to say that he loves the guys are the car place.
  • I folded 5 loads of laundry yesterday. 
  • Evelyn’s new favorite thing to do it draw on the junk mail envelopes that live on the cluttered table paper.  It is pretty adorable.  I gave her colored pencils since she thinks that crayons are  yummy colorful treats to eat.  
  • I am reading Maya Angelou’s autobiography.  Have you read it?  It is a good read.  Sad, but good. 
  • The book is so old … I think this one was printed in 1971, before I was even born by the way … that it is falling apart as I turn the yellowed pages. 
  • I am now hearing “Hi! Hi!” behind me.
  • Oh shoot now I hear a little baby boys voice.  Bummer.
  • And now more cries from the big one, who just thew her blankets out. 
  • Maybe a second nap would have been a good idea.
  • The cries have now ceased … and I just hear the sounds of the radio and the click click click of the keyboard. 
  • I bet that if I was out of here and turned off the radio that little lady would sleep. 
  • Sounds like a good plan. 
  • Like I said, I have plenty to do.  Think that I will start with the dishes, then maybe put the eggs away.  The other 10 things can likely wait until tomorrow.   They should keep, especially since I did that last night too.


  1. Awww…I love these play-by-plays that are so off-the-cuff and honest :)

    I think I would get Miss Evelyn some slippers that tie under the knees, and make sure she is always wearing jeans all winter! Socks inside blanket sleepers usually stay on too. Sometimes those aren’t quite warm enough without them.

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